About ARTES Applications

ESA's Advanced Research in Telecommunications Systems (ARTES) programme transforms research and development activities into operational, profitable and self-sustaining products and services. The success of ARTES is the result of consolidating public-private partnerships between the decision-makers from space industry, service providers, organisations and user communities within participating Member States.

The ARTES Applications programmes are dedicated to funding and promoting the development of space-based applications, services and solutions for the needs of European citizens and society at large.

ARTES Integrated Applications Promotion (IAP)

The ARTES IAP programme is dedicated to the development, implementation and pilot operations of Integrated Applications. These are applications that utilise data from existing space assets, such as Satellite Communication, Earth Observation, Satellite Navigation and Human Spaceflight technologies, in combination with terrestrial services.

ARTES IAP projects cover Feasibility Studies and Demonstration Projects. Any organisation can propose to develop a new commercially promising space-based application or service. It may be e.g. a federation of users, a commercial company, a public body or a non-governmental organisation.

ARTES Satcom Applications (SATCOM-APPS)

The ARTES SATCOM-APPS programme aims to support, develop and demonstrate activities in the Satellite Communication applications areas. Leading to fully operational, self-sustaining solutions, ARTES SATCOM-APPS addresses the use of space-based components and services satisfying concrete user needs based on industry excellence.

ARTES SATCOM-APPS projects cover Newcomers Initiatives, Satcom Application Projects and Study Activities. These projects reduce the technical and commercial risks for industry, which otherwise could hinder the development of new products and services. For ARTES, members of the European and Canadian Satellite Communication industry can propose to develop Satcom Applications.

ESA Support

The ARTES team offers expert advice from ESA specialists, the use of the Agency's telecommunications laboratories and its knowledge of other space assets. ESA:

  • provides financial support as well as technical and business assistance
  • collects user needs and derives requirements for appropriate space services
  • acts as broker between space industry, service providers and user communities