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Miranda Saarentaus

Geowise Oy

Kyllikinportti 2
Helsinki 00240
Phone+358-40 747 8822
Let space data boost your business - ESA Business Applications


Geowise is a consulting company with core expertise in areas of security, environment and geospatial information. We coordinate and carry out international as well as domestic development, research and marketing projects.

Why promote space applications to Finland

The increase of integrated ICT systems, navigation, telecommunication, earth observation, open source data, urbanisation, environmental monitoring technologies, etc. has brought up unexplored market opportunities with huge potentials for the industry. The space industry has been seen as something separate and the space community distant from the every-day-user. We aim to spread the awareness about the new business opportunities that could create new jobs.

Role of the Finnish Ambassador

APFin assists ESA Business Applications (ESA BA) mainly in four activities:

  • End-users and project consortium - The value chain starts with end-user needs, moves to technology and service providers, ending in operational services. APFin looks for end-user's needs and requirements.
  • Communication - Establishes networking with the industry, end-users, service providers, and research organisations. The APFin portal also serves as a source of information (news, events, documents).
  • Identifying potential industry - Promotes company-driven ESA BA projects. Identifies and contacts various stakeholders, creating new user ideas.

Awareness raising and tailored workshops - APFin organises events, user group meetings, tailor-made workshops, gives ESA BA presentations and arranges discussions between stakeholders.

Thematic Focus

Forestry, carbon trading, crisis management, mobile communications, ice condition forecasting and monitoring, energy (wind energy, grid optimisation, energy efficiency of buildings), fisheries, land and air transportation, tourism, regional planning and insurance, in the region of Northern Europe with Arctic Extension.