ARTES Satcom Applications Overview

The ARTES Satcom Applications (SATCOM-APPS) programme has been created to

Support, design, develop and demonstrate SATCOM applications projects, leading to fully operational, sustainable and profitable solutions.

The key characteristics of this programme are:

  1. The proactive role of industry in defining and proposing projects oriented to commercial or institutional opportunities in the area of satellite communicationn
  2. The outcome of an activity being a system or service ready for exploitation
  3. The sharing of funding by ESA and industry

Sustainable products are characterised by stable commercial operations without further financial support from ESA following the contractual funding. It is expected that the project team is able to secure private and/or public funding in order to migrate the pilot service to an operational service. The commercial break-even point would typically be expected 2-3 years after the end of the pilot utilisation phase.

In order to achieve this, the following objectives have been defined for ARTES SATCOM-APPS activities:

  • Identify and carry out design, development and demonstration activities in telecommunications applications, aligned with industry's own plans for future exploitation
  • Help industry of the Participating Member States to respond to the ever increasing need to enhance their competitive position by enabling timely support to specific opportunities
  • Reduce technical and commercial risks in service development


ARTES SATCOM-APPS activities may address new services, an upgrade or improvement of an existing service or a continuation of an activity funded by either ESA, European, national or the Bidder's own programmes.

They may utilise any kind of satellite communication system in the broadest sense including one-way, broad- or multi-casting to fixed and mobile user terminals, two-way communication to/from fixed and mobile user terminals, data relay systems and other institutional systems. The system may be based on satellites in any orbit operating in any radio or optical frequency band.

Thematic Domains

ARTES SATCOM-APPS activities are not limited to certain thematic domains. The following domains and examples are intended for illustrative purposes only.

  • eHealth (e.g. eMobility, remote medical surveillance and diagnostics)
  • Security (e.g. cyber security: improve resilience to cyber incidents and reduce the cyber threat)
  • Transport (e.g. train control and monitoring, Unmanned Aircraft System operations)
  • Consumer Applications (e.g. digital cinema, augmented reality)
  • Emergency (e.g. coordinating rescue services)
  • Capacity Building (e.g. telecentre for remote community development)
  • eLearning (e.g. training teachers over satellite, virtual whiteboard)
  • eGovernment (e.g. counting votes by computer with results transferred over satellite)
  • Energy (e.g. meter readings via satellite, offshore oil and gas field monitoring)
  • Media (e.g. news streaming from remote locations)

Any other promising domain can be covered by ARTES SATCOM-APPS activities.