ESA Space Solutions Alliance


In 2017, ESA Space Solutions launched the Space Solutions Alliance as a network for space and non-space corporate organisations, research institutes and public institutions to work with and strengthen high tech start-ups and SMEs. The ESA Space Solutions Alliance has since grown into an even bolder vision of accelerating the commercial and societal impact of the ever-expanding portfolio of ESA Space Solutions companies. 



ESA’s Telecommunications and Integrated Applications (TIA) Directorate has a long and successful track record in creating strategic partnerships and co-development projects with non-space verticals and new entrants. Through its ARTES (Advanced Research in Telecommunications Systems) programme, TIA makes available the means and expertise necessary to co-develop commercially sustainable space solutions with non-space industries and new entrants. Projects developed in this framework concern both the upstream (Core Competitiveness and Partnership Projects and the downstream (Business Applications and Space Solutions (BASS)). The ARTES 4.0 proposal introduces three Strategic Programme Lines (SPLs) which will gather activities and projects aimed at a common strategic goal:

Under this framework, TIA created the ‘Space Solutions Alliance’ initiative, designed to offer an umbrella framework that empowers entrepreneurship and commercial applications. 


TIA has established several highly strategic partnerships, which have been formalised through Letters of Intent (LoIs) or Memoranda of Understanding (MoUs). Many of them have signed non-disclosure agreements (NDAs).

Inside ESA, TIA is the most dependent Directorate on private co-financing and market demand to successfully mobilise funding from member states and carry out its programmes. It is also the Directorate which has consistently attracted through co-funding the largest share of non-space non-institutional budgets. The Space Solutions Alliance will also comprise these existing agreements established under TIA leadership.


The Space Solutions Alliance builds partnerships and creates impact with synergistic effect by abiding to the below objectives:

  • Accelerating the entrepreneurship and commercial development of existing ESA Space Solutions companies through engagement opportunities with Space Solutions allies. This can take various shapes from direct commercial opportunities to mentoring, training and the provision of technical expertise. 
  • Diversifying space as a business through the ESA ARTES programme or other ESA programmes and shaping emerging space solutions. This can be a partnership related to requirements gathering and promotional activities for one or more of the thematic opportunities of ESA ARTES or other ESA programmes.  
  • Enabling sustainability and global change by coming together with all the allies and gaining a deeper understanding of global problems and challenges related to sustainability.

Interested to engage with ESA Space Solutions companies across Europe and to be part of a purpose-driven network by becoming a Space Solutions Ally?

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A list of investors and partners participating in our events

Legambiente Lloyds register foundation
London city Mibac
Roma Offshore petroleum regulator 
For environment & decommissioning Foresight williams technology
Crts Orange sv / cnes
Global smart grid federation Eurotext
Eban Sansa
Jaxa Karista
Oxford University First derivatives
Newable/lba The sea cleaners
Enel Entso-e
European asylum support office European distribution system operators
Friends of the supergrid India energy storage alliance
Ministry of economic development of Italy Toilet board coalition
Unicri Nesté
Pepsico Volvo group
Htfg Amadeus ventures
Ferrovial Apex ventures
Deutsche bahn digital ventures Freigeist
Htgf New space capital
Ohb ventures Cems
Axa Vodafone
Rolls Royce Emsa
Dutch marine energy centre Ibm
Dutch coalition for humanitarian innovation Global himalaya expedition 
Aberdeen renewable energy group - areg E.on
Booking The crown estate
Unilever Kimberly clark
Veolia Enisa (european union agency for cybersecurity
Encs (european network for cyber security) Economic board groningen
Dimecc/one sea alliance Aws
Tata trusts Dcms
It minister of digitization and technical innovation L'aquila and abruzzo
Torino Primo space
Appliedai  Avinor
Nwa (nanotechnology world association)  
Seraphim capital Orbital ventures
Newspace capital European business angel network
Newable Alpine space ventures
J.p. morgan chase Partech partners
Airbus ventures Redstone digital