ESA Space Solutions Executive Board

The ESA Space Solutions Executive Board comprises of two representatives of the ESA Space Solutions network:

Martin Mössler is the Chair of the ESA Space Solutions Executive Board. 
Martin is the Managing Director of Science Park Graz and General Manager of ESA BIC Austria. He is driven by a passion for innovation and entrepreneurship. Martin and his team develop 20 high-tech start-ups per year and their excellent consulting team offers high-tech start-ups with global ambitions extensive support in business operations, financing, and networking. 


Aude Nzeh Ndong is the Deputy of the ESA Space Solutions Executive Board.
Aude is Responsible for the operations of the Space Business Line of AeroSpaceValley and is the contracts manager for ESA BIC Sud France. Aude has a dual expertise in biophysics and innovation management and was the manager of the ESA BIC South France from its creation in 2013 till her promotion in 2019. Within the Aerospace Valley cluster, she is also involved in the redaction and implementation of European projects related to entrepreneurship. 


Martin and Aude will be heading the ESA Space Solutions Executive Board for the next 3 years. They are the spokespeople of a Network compromised of 22 ESA BICs, 6 Brokers and more than 7 ambassadors. 

The ESA BICs represented are listed below, along with their main points of contact: 

  • Austria: Mr. Martin Mössler  
  • Belgium: Mr. Dany Robberecht 
  • Czech Republic: Mr. Michal Kunes  
  • Denmark: Ms. Maria Tammelin Gleerup 
  • Denmark: Mr. Sune Nordentoft Lauritsen 
  • Estonia: Mr. Sven Lilla
  • Finland: Mr. Isbjörnssund Kimmo 
  • France (Nord): Ms. Alexia FREIGNEAUX 
  • France (Sud): Ms. Aurélie Baker 
  • Germany (Bavaria): Mr. Thomas Ballatré 
  • Germany (Hessen BW): Mr. Francesco Possanzini 
  • Germany (Northern Germany): Ms. Barbara Cembella 
  • Greece: Mr. Jorge Sanchez 
  • Ireland: Mr. Peter Finnegan 
  • Italy (Lazio): Mr. Roberto Giuliani 
  • Netherlands: Mr. Martijn Leinweber  
  • Norway: Mr. Nils Haga 
  • Portugal: Mr. Jorge Pimenta
  • Spain (Madrid): Ms. Beatriz Gonzalez  
  • Sweden: Mr. Jens Lundström 
  • Switzerland: Ms. Strecker Nanja 
  • UK: Mr. Will Gault