APNorway Workshop – How to write a good IAP application/service proposal

The APNorway Workshop on “How to Write an IAP Proposal” took place in Oslo at the Norwegian Space Centre on 16th April 2015. About 25 participants joined the session where the objective was to provide help and support to participants with an interest in developing proposals for the ESA ARTES Applications programme.

ESA IAP was represented by Tony Sephton, who gave an overview of the different ARTES Applications programmes, instruments and ways to a successful IAP activity.

The Norwegian Space Centre, Rune Sandbakken and APNorway, Kay Fjørtoft, gave a presentation of the Norwegian possibilities and the support that they can give to applicants. Miranda Saarentaus from APFinland gave a presentation on possible collaboration opportunities between Norway and Finland, whilst Harald Skinnemoen from AnsuR presented a view on possibilities within the IAP programme based on his previous experiences.

In the afternoon a Proposal Writing exercise was organised, after which there was a "speed dating" session whereby the participants circulated and discussed their ideas with representatives from ESA, Norwegian Space Centre, APNorway and APFinland.

All of the participants thought that the workshop was worthwhile, and had helped to stimulate new ideas, various of which it is hoped will be proposed as new projects and space based services in the near future.

The presentations

Kay Fjørtoft – AP Norway (kay.fjortoft@marintek.sintef.no)
Kay started the workshop and gave a presentation of the APNorway mandate, a short overview of the ESA ARTES Applications programme, and some examples of projects.
See slides: APNorway welcome



Tony Sephton – ESA (tony.sephton@esa.int)
Tony gave a presentation of possibilities within the IAP programme, with a detailed overview of the different types of support mechanisms, the ARTES Applications programmes, and some examples of projects, as well as guidelines for preparing a proposal.
See slides: ESA – ARTES applications


Rune Sandbakken – Norwegian Space Centre (rune.sandbakken@spacecentre.no)
Rune introduced the role of the Norwegian Space Centre, and gave an overview of the Norwegian status within the ESA IAP programme. Norwegian space activities should contribute to value-added growth, innovation, education and safety for the environment and society at large. Rune mentioned especially the role that a National Delegate has before an IAP proposal should be submitted.
See slides: NSC

Harald Skinnemoen – AnsuR (harald.skinnemoen@gmail.com)
Harald gave an overview of the AnsuR technology company which was founded in 2005. He especially focused on visual situational awareness that has been used as the background for various ESA IAP projects. Harald then presented some views on his experiences within the IAP programme and lessons learned.

Miranda Saarentaus – AP Finland (miranda.saarentaus@geowise.fi)
Miranda gave an introduction on the Finnish IAP ambassador role. She brought with her a list of possibilities from Finland, where she was searching for Norwegian participants. She also mentioned a brainstorming event that was held in Finland in March 2015 that could be of interest also for Norwegian companies regarding joint initiatives.
See slides: APFinland


Kay Fjørtoft – AP Norway (kay.fjortoft@marintek.sintef.no)
Kay gave a short presentation on possibilities and challenges from the Arctic maritime sector, where space-based technologies might be of interest regarding new services. He also gave a presentation on the IAP ArcticSat proposal where the proposal structure, support letters and documentation content were used as examples of preparing an IAP Feasibility Study proposal.
See slides: APNorway Arcticsat


25 February 2015
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