ESA Business Applications Track explores Nordics in the global space economy. The event focuses on the latest developments and business opportunities in the Nordic space, with special attention paid to startups and entrepreneurship. The program covers a range of topics, from Earth observation and nano satellites to Arctic research and weather monitoring, which the Nordic region is especially strong at.

Be inspired, learn how to boost your business with space technology and get fully equipped to start a new space business. The track is a part of a larger conference - Arctic15, which provides a platform for one-on-one meetings with delegates: investors, startups, media, corporates. 

About Arctic15

The 2-day event is held in Helsinki, Finland on May 30-31 2018. Conference has 15 Tracks focused on various industries, technologies and business functions from Health to Blockchain, from Smart Cities to AI, from VR to Space and beyond. 

The conference is designed to facilitate high-quality matchmaking and networking, with last year’s Arctic15 hosting over 4000 1-on-1 meetings within 48 hours. Besides ad-hoc meetings at the event, the Deal Room matchmaking tool enables attendees to pre-book 20-minute meetings with pre-screened contacts.

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16 April 2018
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