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Digital Sky and Beyond Workshop - future downstream services

The world of aviation is continuously changing. The upcoming years will be a critical period to pave the way for the digital transformation of aviation. Aviation’s infrastructure and ATM will have to adapt in order to cater for the growth in traffic and diversity of air vehicles in the sky, which are set to become more autonomous, more connected, more intelligent. 

Initial analysis suggests that with a digitalised infrastructure, the industry could directly unlock around EUR 10 billion per annum by 2035, which could be tripled by 2050. (Ref: 
A digital infrastructure would make a significant contribution to citizens’ well-being, while strengthening security and fostering positive spill-over effects, such as saving time for travellers or reducing CO2 emissions. 

The services relating to the transport of passengers and goods , their safety and security are evolving too. In the near future, passengers will not make choices primarily on their mobility needs; they expect to get from A to B, door to door seamlessly, safely and efficiently. 

These changes will offer the opportunity for development of new innovative services and applications capable to combine space with terrestrial assets (4G/5G , HAPs, UAV) to the benefit of stakeholders in the aviation sector as well as travellers. 

Therefore, ESA Business Applications is reaching out to the aviation sector players, space actors, user communities and National Delegations, to present the results of concluded activities and discuss on new opportunities.


The event will take place at ESTEC (Newton 2 room), 1 Keplerlaan, 2201 AZ Noordwijk Netherlands on Friday, 18 May 2018 from 09:00 to 15:00 (CEST)


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We have limited seats available, please reserve your tickets here:

Registration is free of charge but please note that this workshop is only open to representatives of entities established in one of ESA Member States.


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