ESA collaborates with Sinay to create a Digital Maritime Platform for the Future

FRANCE, November 9, 2022 - French maritime tech company Sinay has announced the signature of a 1,6 Million EUR contract with the European Space Agency to create a Digital Maritime Platform.

The Digital Port Platform project consists of a Hub of maritime modules to enhance port competitiveness through improved efficiency and increased sustainability. With the support of the CNES, Sinay’s expertise in advanced AI technologies and the maritime environment stand out during ESA’s search for potential service providers. The Digital Port Platform will show how the integration of space assets is a key enabler for maritime sustainability and port system evolution, transforming space and maritime data into key indicators, and enabling data-driven management to solve major environmental and performance issues.

The Digital Port Platform hosts different modules tackling various industry pain points: predicted time of arrival to reduce port congestion and vessel delays, real-time monitoring, port collaboration, and port business intelligence to help the Smart Port ecosystem collaborate in their daily activities: Port Authorities & Operators, Harbour Master Office and Shipping companies, Offshore constructors, and Marine contractors.

“Gathering powerful information from ESA will allow Sinay to help maritime corporates to conciliate business efficiency with ocean sustainability” Alessio Maglio, Project & Business Manager at Sinay.

“Collaborating with ESA and the CNES for such major issues will enhance Sinay’s vision: Create a world where humanity and biodiversity thrive together on Ocean Earth,” Yanis Souami, CEO & Founder.

Rita Rinaldo, Head of Projects and Studies Implementation Division at ESA said: “The Digital Port Platform will play a crucial role in helping to better understand, monitor and forecast the port ecosystem. The developments targeted in the project are ambitious but necessary given the scale of the issues to be addressed.”

Elodie Viau, ESA’s Director of Telecommunications and Integrated Applications, said: “This is another exciting milestone achieved in the maritime vertical that will help advance port operations and sustainability. We’re delighted to be able to scale-up Sinay to promote collaboration, multidisciplinary innovation and the creation of smart technology that’s having important environmental and economic impacts.”

Providing a digital ecosystem to all maritime stakeholders and helping them optimize operational efficiency and lower ocean pollution is more important than ever.

The maritime industry needs to change, and the Digital Port Platform is the way to do it.

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10 November 2022
Last updated at 13 December 2022 - 11:15