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The 2015 edition of the annual ARTES Applications workshop was hosted within the Lift Conference (Lift15) in Geneva (Switzerland), co-organised by the Swiss IAP Ambassador Platform for Space Applications and Services.

  • Engage with startups, innovators and investors to explore new business opportunities around space-based solutions and to stimulate the emergence of new ideas and services
  • Access an exciting and dynamic international and multi-disciplinary community, with the opportunity to create deep interactions through dedicated Lift workshops

If you are not familiar with Lift, take a look at their website
You will see that it has become not so much a conference as a global movement.


Opening Session

Chair: José Achache (AP-Swiss)
Speakers: Johann Richard (SSO), Michele Franci (inmarsat), Daniel Biedermann (SES),  Philippe Gillet (EPFL) , Marco Fuchs (OHB), Sylvie Reinhard (Lift), Magali Vaissiere (ESA), Amnon Ginati (ESA), Frank Salzgeber (ESA), Carlo Elia (ESA)

ESA Masterclasses

The Space data for Sustainable Services Masterclass presents sources of space data, which is available and sustainable, but has not yet or not sufficiently been integrated into space application services. Newcomers, as well as entrepreneurs  from existing ESA projects will discover new sources of satellite data and how to access it.
Moderator: Ian Downey (UK Ambassador Platform)
Speakers: Enda Keane (SATForm3D project), Simon Agass (Space Applications Catapult), Lena Stern (ESRIN/ESA), Samir Belabbes (UNOSAT)
ESA providing access to EO data

The Masterclass Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS) demonstrates that RPAS based services truly benefit from space assets, by  giving practical examples in the fields of energy, agriculture and demining. Existing RPAS applications, operational scenarios and new market opportunities will be presented from industry and user perspective.
Moderator: Mike Lissone (Eurocontrol)
Speakers: David Petit (KORE project), Ville Koivuranta (SHARPERSAT project), Valeria Fabbroni (FSD), Martin Fengler (Meteomatics)
Eurocontrol, KORE , SHARPERSAT, FSD, Meteomatics

Masterclass: Space - Knowing No Boundaries The ability to follow the movements of animals hour by hour from space will revolutionize our understanding of i.e. long-distance bird migrations, and could help to protect human populations from animal-borne diseases like avian flu, SARS and West Nile Virus. It will also enable numerous applications in farm management, animal husbandry and fisheries. Several already existing applications like bird strike avoidance and vector borne disease transmission monitoring and mapping will be presented.
Moderator: Martin Wikelski (Max Planck Institute For Ornithology)
Speakers: Halvor Mjøen (findmysheep), Els Ducheyne (VECMAP project), George Gunn (SRUC), Tony Sephton (ESA), Davide Coppola (FlySafe project)
Martin Wikeski, ICARUS, European Regulations for Animal Tracking, VECMAP, FlySafe, findmysheep

The Masterclass Maritime Applications will show how Space can play an important role in the maritime sector. The session will provide the view point of users community and industry, focusing on  the added value brought by space-based systems and data in support of maritime activities.
Moderator: Leendert Bal (EMSA)
Speakers: Stephan Holsten (Com4OffShore project), Dennis Kehoe (I-PORT project), Richard Proud (PLASMA project)
Value of space for maritime information services of EMSA, PLASMA / A-STAR Project Overview, Com4Offshore – Interactive Communication and Monitoring System for Offshore Wind Energy, SeaSearch - How to detect an undetectable vessel?

Things are definitely happening quickly in the small and microsatellite community. New approaches, new ways to develop business models… The question How can the small and microsatellite community strengthen the development of space applications? will be answered during a session filled with a mix of short presentations and panel discussions.
Moderator: TBC (OHB)
Speakers: Craig Clark (Clyde Space), Didier Vassaux (CNES), Phil Davies (Deimos), Martin Philp (DMCII), Muriel Richard (EPFL), Antti Kestila (Aalto University), Stanislaw Ostoja-Starzewski (Novanano), Florian Deconinck (Space Applications Catapult), Dan Watson (Space Applications Catapult), Conor O’Sullivan (Space Applications Catapult)
technology trend and market analysis (Space Applications Catapult), Small Satellites (CNES), What’s happening in nanosatellites? (Clyde Space), ELECNOR DEIMOS, Pico- and Nanosatellites at EPFL

The session Building Growth and Value provides the latest thinking about different types of third party finance with a lively panel debate between finance experts. This is followed by insight into the benefits and challenges of collaboration and partnership from a selection of organisations with recent experience in this area.
Chairs/Moderators: Frank Salzgeber (ESA), Philippe Vanrie (EBN), Alan Brunstrom (ESA), Candace Johnson (EBAN)
Speakers: Candace Johnson (EBAN), Dave Brown (HighTechFondue), Karen Kerrigan (Seedrs), Andre Delafontaine (Go Beyond Investing), Walter Munarini (ISIDE and Lift Off project), Els Ducheyne (VECMAP project), Phil Briscoe (Peat Spotter project)
Using Smart Investment to create Global Companies - Candace Johnson


The Private Workshop: Design Fiction Workshop is an approach to design that speculates about new ideas through prototyping and  storytelling. This workshop, hosted by a group of designer and start-up experts, will address several questions regarding the possible results of these emerging technologies, such as sensor systems, in its potential daily use.
Moderator: Nicolas Nova (Lift)
Speaker: José Achache (AP-Swiss)

The Masterclass Business Models in Satellite Data Applications will take place on the 5th of February to present concrete use cases of space application start-ups and established players. The objective is to inspire Lift entrepreneurs to get involved and get a better grasp on the business opportunities in this field.
Moderator: Mariam Mahdavi (Lift)
Speakers: Alastair Grant (AMA ZON project ), Urs Hunkeler (GEOSATIS), Dominic Hulewicz (inmarsat), Robert Lokaiczyk ( wer denkt was)

To keep in line with ESA activities in Africa, the Masterclass What can Space do for Finance, Health and Education in Africa? will take place on the same day. In this session, ESA projects related to Africa, finance and technology will be presented, followed by discussions with Entrepreneurs from Africa who have developed projects in the same areas.
Moderator: Abir Oreibi (Lift)
Speakers: Davide Tomassini (ESA), Fulvio Sansone (SatFinAfrica project), Joseph Barnard (Surmon project), Nkepseu Tchassep (Uko Wapi?)


30 October 2014
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