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Week 6

Under 6's

  • Living in Space! Hitch a ride with Paxi to chat with astronaut Anne McClain on the ISS about the tricky parts of being an astronaut.
  • Get stuck into some astronaut art and Colour with Paxi.
  • Paxi Fun Book - in every astronaut parent’s back pocket!

Ages 6-12

  • Without a space suit astronauts could not leave the spacecraft. The suits help them to breathe, and protect them from the extreme temperatures (hot and cold) as well as radiation in space. Why not Design your own Space Suit?
  • Astronauts have to stay healthy on board with a balanced diet – but meal planning, packaging and eating can be tricky when things float away easily! Astronauts eat many of the things that they eat on Earth, but did you know that things taste different in space? Now Create your own Astronaut Menu and make sure it’s delicious!

Ages 12 and up

  • Astronaut Training Booklet – the ultimate ‘how-to’ guide. ESA looks for a wide range of skills and capabilities in its astronauts. It takes years and many people to organise a space mission… So finding people with the ‘right stuff’ and training them for spaceflight is crucial. This booklet will show you what’s needed!
  • CADsat @ Home - Plan a ground-breaking scientific mission and 3D design your very own mini satellite from home. Your challenge will be to fit all the satellite components into something the size of a fizzy drink can.

Get Moving!

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29 April 2020
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