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Week 3

Under 6's

  • Where did the moon come from? Find out with Paxi in Explore the Moon! You’ll learn about the first man on the moon, and when we are going back!
  • Make sure you can get there by playing Catch the Craft.
  • You’ll be over the moon to discover the Paxi Fun Book

Ages 6-12

  • ESA is working on new missions to the Moon to study the environment and develop technologies which could help set up a lunar base. Learn about the different conditions and materials needed to design and build your own Moon Shelter.
  • Only 12 astronauts have ever set foot on the Moon. Now it’s your turn! In Mission on the Moon you will follow a set route, avoid obstacles and arrive safely at your final destination. Work with a virtual pal and take it in turns to play ‘mission controller’ and ‘rover’ as you navigate blindly across the lunar surface.

Ages 12 and up

  • Apollo 11 was the first manned mission to land on the Moon in 1969. After a 4-day trip from Earth, the lunar lander, ‘Eagle’, detached from the command module and touched down in the Sea of Tranquillity. Rise to the challenge by Planning and Designing a Lunar Lander. Spoiler: you may need an egg or two!
  • Forward to the Moon - With this resource you can download lunar images, infographics, videos and animations. Explore the Moon and find hyperlinks to more information on related webpages.


• In the future, astronauts will have to stay for long periods on the Moon. Create a 3D model of a research base where they can live and work to explore the lunar surface. Using Tinkercad choose either a lunar lander, a lunar rover, a rocket or a space station. Or design a complete base on the Moon with astronauts quarters, a greenhouse, a gym, a laboratory and a power plant.

Get Moving!

  • One of the biggest challenges for astronauts on long missions in Space is loss of bone density. They have to train with special exercises to try to increase their bone strength. These exercises also happen to be great for earthlings and also help to build endurance. So what are you waiting for? Jump for the Moon!
  • New! Train like an astronaut with this nimble navigation using paint and hand/footprints.

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