Satellites for Waste Management User Workshop

On 19th January 2016, ESA in collaboration with the Knowledge Transfer Network (KTN, UK) held a Workshop on Satellite Applications for Waste Management at ECSAT in Harwell. The purpose of the Workshop was to gather insight into the processes of the Waste Management industry, to identify the relevant challenge areas and to derive first hand User Requirements. The Workshop was attended by about 30 participants from the Waste Management industry, Advisers, Universities and the service industry.

The workshop gave an overview of the ESA IAP programme, and provided information on UK waste management issues with presentations from invited speakers. An interactive session was held with groups working together in order to identify challenges in one of three main areas:

  • Commercial / Industrial / Domestic waste
  • Biomass / Anaerobic digestion
  • Landfill and illegal waste disposal

Cross-cutting topics such as Logistics / Transport and Legislative drivers were also addressed.

15 December 2015
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