Space & CBRNE threats

ESA and EDA are pleased to announce a joint Workshop on Space and CBRNE (Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear and Explosive) threats on 7 March 2017, at ESTEC in Noordwijk (The Netherlands).

Key Objectives of the Workshop

The main objectives of the workshop are to consult experts from cross-cutting domains on the possible role of space services in addressing CBRNE risks, to inform the stakeholder and user community about completed and on-going initiatives in the CBRNE domain and to announce the upcoming Invitation to Tender (ITT) on Space Based Services in Support of CBRNE operations.

Each awarded feasibility study will be 100% funded.

The ITT will be structured following two approaches which are named:
Baseline (mandatory) and Baseline and Option (optional).

  • For each contract carrying out the work required in the Baseline there is a budget of up to €250,000 Euro
  • For each contract carrying out the work required in both Baseline and Option there is a budget of up to €350,000

Based on the results of the studies awarded as result of the ITT, EDA and ESA plan to pursue follow-up demonstrations of the defined service concepts, with the goal of delivering sustainable services to the targeted user communities. The workshop will also support the consolidation of preliminary end-user needs and the detailed definition of the ITT scope.

Who should attend

Participation is particularly encouraged from ESA and EDA (participating) Member States, users operating in both civilian and security environment (e.g. Ministries of Defence, first responder organizations), experts, service providers and technology providers who are involved in the CBRNE domain.  Attendees should have an interest in exploiting space systems for providing fast and accurate response to CBRNE threats, increasing public situational awareness, enhancing prediction and early warning.


09:00-09:30 Registrations
09:30-10:30 Welcome by Nick Appleyard (ESA)

10:30-11:00 Coffee Break


13:00 Closing
Lunch & Networking
14:00-17:00 Bilateral meetings between industries, ESA and EDA representatives

ESA and EDA representatives will be available to answers questions on the upcoming ITT and to discuss other potential collaboration opportunities.


With the increased focus on threats caused by the raising of terrorism incidents, the European Defence Agency and the European Space Agency share a common interest in developing and bringing to exploitation services integrating space and other terrestrial technologies to effectively respond to CBRNE threats. 

CBRNE threats are, as space, global by nature. This is why a multi-national response is required. The ESA Integrated Application Promotion (IAP) as well as EDA have demonstrated successfully the implementation of multi-national programs.

Particularly, EDA has developed through a number of activities core competence and technologies with the objective to strengthen European defence means to operate successfully and safely in the CBRNE environment.

ESA, through IAP, is engaged in using space technologies for developing sustainable services for the benefit of user communities in different thematic areas. In the recent past, IAP has funded projects in the safety and health domain which are relevant in the CBRNE context.

10 January 2017
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