Successful workshop promotes space-based applications

Space-based applications do assist in daily life, and ESA is open to all ideas from its Member States to make this happen. This was the clear message sent to the participants of the ARTES Applications workshop held recently at ESA’s ESTEC facility in Noordwijk, the Netherlands.

Close to 200 participants representing governments, industry and users of space-based applications attended the two-day workshop. The agenda was filled with presentations describing the achievements of ESA’s Advanced Research and Telecommunications Systems (ARTES) Applications programme. A select number of the applications projects were on display, so participants could get a “hands on” feel of the applications ESA is assisting in developing. An ARTES 3-4 Applications evaluation, as well as a “lessons learnt” presentation instigated a lively discussion from workshop participants.

Additional highlights included presentations of projects supporting the operational needs of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and Flysafe which already provide sustainable services to users.


Five areas of the ARTES Satcom and Integrated Applications programmes were covered including:

• Health- related applications

• Capacity Building applications

• Consumer applications

• Safety, security and transportation related applications

• Energy related applications


The diversity of the projects shows how and where space-based applications can be put to use. SatElections, for example is an application that supports African electoral cycles, while ISIDE is an application supporting digital networked cinema.

“We found it very rewarding to hear and see the satisfaction of participants,” said ESA workshop organisers Thomas Bouvet and Michele Castorina. “The attendance was beyond our expectations.”

“It is motivating to hear so many stakeholders external to the space industry being enthusiastic about their experiences with space-based applications,” said Amnon Ginati head of the Integrated and Telecommunication Related Applications Department. “This workshop was part of our outreach activities to send a message about space based applications for daily life and, based on the positive feedback already received, I think we were successful in that.”

ARTES 20, the Integrated Applications element, combines space assets such as satellite communications, earth observation, satellite navigation and human spaceflight to promote new services for the benefit of society. Through the use of standard outreach techniques as well as the specially-designed Ambassador Platforms, Integrated Applications explores effective solutions with users to satisfy their needs.

ARTES 3-4, the products element, includes support for applications projects from European industry that are industry driven. The presentations given at the workshop are available for download. See the link in the column to the right.


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18 April 2011
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