TeleRetail delivery robot debuts in the US

As part of an ESA Business Applications project, the TeleRetail delivery robot to make elevator maintenance in cities quicker and more efficient

The robot, presented as a benchmark product for autonomous driving at a US Senate Field Hearing on January 24th, was on display at the Washington Auto Show.

TeleRetail delivery robot debuts in the US

Self-driving vehicles already play a major role in the future of urban logistics – not in the shape of cars commuting people, but also in the shape of robots carrying and delivering goods. In collaboration with software developer TeleRetail, thyssenkrupp Elevator launched a pilot project in which delivery robots transport spare parts and other material to maintenance job sites. Perfect for maintaining elevators in a contemporary way, the robots represent the future of smart maintenance logistics, reinforcing thyssenkrupp Elevator’s position as a future-oriented mobility provider.

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08 March 2018
Last updated at 15 March 2018 - 12:56