Call for Proposals on ARTES SATCOM-APPS

The ARTES Satcom Applications (SATCOM-APPS) programme operates via Call for Proposals (CfP) which are always open. Applicants may submit Outline Proposals as they find it opportune. The activities proposed in response to Call for Proposals must be relevant to the SATCOM-APPS programme objectives. Although not a competitive tender, the Calls for Proposals is published on EMITS in order to achieve a higher degree of visibility.

The ARTES SACOM-APPS "Calls for Proposals" covers three different activities:

  • Study Activities (AO5891) offer the possibility to perform preparatory work as means to
    consolidate the technical specifications and the technical baseline and to identify technical risks
    before entering into the development of a product. The tenderer shall have firm plans to develop the
    product in an activity following the work offered in the Study. The follow-on activity shall be planned
    to develop the product to the level that it is ready for commercial exploitation.

  • Satcom Applications Projects (AO5891) aim to support design, development and demonstration activities of system and services making use of satellite telecommunications. The scope of the development can be any hardware, software, service or application item aligned with industry plans for future exploitation. A characteristic of the ARTES SATCOM-APPS Projects is to assess the effects of the developed product (e.g. a system, or a service) through an extensive pilot with the users.

  • ARTES Entry (AO8595) is designed for small or medium-sized business from a country participating in ARTES Competitiveness and Growth (C&G) that has not worked with ESA in the last 10 years. The initiative supports SMEs through the stages of research and development for the satcom market and awards development contracts with financial support up to 75% of the activity cost (max €250,000).

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