Intended Tender

The following list of Intended Invitations to Tender (IITT) contains the actions that are funded and approved for initiation on ESA's ARTES Applications programmes.

For each listed IITT a summary note of the intended action will be found (short description of the work to be carried out, estimated price range, planned publication (quarter), etc.).

Any company interested in participating in an IITT listed activity can declare its interest in EMITS.

This “expression of interest” function can be made public and the company can introduce a link either to its web page or a particular page set up for this activity. When made public all users accessing EMITS will be able to see the expression of interest and the related link. This feature allows a proactive search for industrial partnerships and is a valuable tool for SMEs to make themselves known.

The Global List of IITTs defining the ESA procurement programme for the year is issued by the Agency on EMITS at the beginning of the year and is updated at least once a month. Potential suppliers are invited to regularly consult this list.




Commercial Climate Services Kick-start Activity