Identification of Opportunities to Develop Space-based Services for Transport and Logistics in FEMIP Countries

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  • ActivityFeasibility Study
  • Closing date10 June 2014

SpaceForMed is a joint venture between ESA and EIB devoted to support economic growth in Southern and East Mediterranean countries (Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Egypt, Gaza/West Bank, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon and soon Libya, from now on, FEMIP countries) by exploring the possibilities offered by space-based services in key economic sectors such as energy and renewable energy, transport and logistics and water management.

Transport and logistics infrastructure are key elements required for companies to be able to sell their products not only nationally, but also internationally. Limited available roads, railways and air/water ports is a challenge, but at the same time it offers opportunities to develop new infrastructures and services supporting / based on them.

The intended study is a starting point to interact with stakeholders and identify promising opportunities that can lead to economically sustainable and business oriented infrastructures and services. Its main objectives are:

  • To understand the needs of the user and stakeholder community regarding the water management and identify promising opportunities.
  • To provide a first implementation roadmap for those opportunities addressing the technical as well as the business aspects.
  • To explore tentatively the possibilities offered by space assets to meet the identified needs and requirement and define opportunities to implement integrated services (combining space and non-space assets).

The study is also an occasion for FEMIP-based industry and organisations to team-up with European industry and develop business opportunities to support economic growth in the Mediterranean area.