Megaconstellation as Enablers for New Service and Applications Opportunities

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  • EMITS referenceAO8585
  • ActivityStudy Activity
  • Closing date20 June 2016

Several mega-constellation initiatives have been recently announced, involving ambitious development plans that require the launch of hundreds or even thousands of satellites by the end of the decade. They have the potential to introduce a major disruption with respect to current communications offering because of their inherent characteristics (low latency, worldwide coverage, low-cost broadband capacity, etc). A number of services, both telecommunications related and integrating the utilization of additional space assets, have been developed in recent years taking benefit of the current satellite communications networks worldwide by improving their market traction. It is conceivable that many of these services could take benefit of future mega-constellation systems. Moreover, the upcoming disruptive offer could lead to the identification of opportunities for new services, either not currently provided, or provided through non-space technologies.
The main purpose of this activity is to identify and analyse services and applications for which a disruptive change could emerge from the deployment of mega-constellations. The activity shall focus on the down-stream space applications segment and shall characterize concrete service opportunities. The results shall contribute to the definition of follow-on actions to enable participating state industry to gain maximum benefit from such opportunities. The concepts identified shall be characterized in terms of added value with respect to state-of-the-art solutions (when available), key enablers, stakeholders context, regulatory barriers, value chain, and competitive landscape. Both existing and new potential sectors and services shall be considered, related to e.g. energy , transport, capacity building for developing countries, etc.