New Space Applications Supported By Open Data And Crowdsourcing

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  • EMITS referenceAO8095
  • ActivityFeasibility Study
  • Closing date18 December 2014

The challenge

The European Space Agency, under its ARTES 20 Integrated Applications Promotions Programme, is challenging innovators to propose new customer-facing applications that combine two or more space assets to provide commercially sustainable services supported by Open Data and Crowdsourcing. These space assets can be Earth Observation, Satellite Navigation, Satellite Communications, and Human Space flight technologies. This challenge will award several contracts in the form of feasibility studies, allowing innovators to collaborate with user communities and stakeholders in the definition of sustainable services, while developing a comprehensive business case. Any contracts awarded shall be fully funded and last up to 6 months. This challenge is open to any company that complies with the rules of the ESA ARTES 20 Programme [1]. SME’s, start-ups and companies that have never worked with ESA before are especially invited to respond.

For Innovators

Do you have a new idea for a commercial service requiring Open Data where combination with space assets could provide unique added value?  Can you create new services that tap into the power of the crowd?

Participate in this challenge and work with ESA to bring your ideas to the market.

For Open Data Providers

Are you already providing Open Data and do you want to promote it through this challenge?

ESA can provide visibility through this challenge but also through our network of ARTES Applications Ambassador Platforms across Europe.

Very soon, we are going to launch a new resources section in our Community Portal. Please contact your local Ambassador Platform in order to promote your resources in our portal.

For User Communities

Are you already using space-related Open Data but the existing services do not fit your requirements?

This challenge is designed to bring innovators and user communities together, as well as promote Open Data formats, data exchange protocols, API’s and open source platforms for Open Data.


This challenge also welcomes the support of Open Data providers, user communities and organisations aimed at promoting Open Data and Crowdsourcing. These entities may contribute to this challenge by: promoting their open datasets  and platforms; fostering Open Data format standards, API’s and data exchange protocols; providing access to user communities, in order collaborate in the user requirements definition and connect innovators to early adopters; plus providing visibility of the challenge to its participants.


We expect this challenge to be able to bring together the dynamic Open Data community with the Space industry and define new services and opportunities.

Another expected outcome is to increase the awareness of Open Data and Crowdsourcing, as well as the role of space assets as a source of data and an enabling technology. This awareness should also cover the untapped economic potential and the ability to generate new services for Open Data and Crowdsourcing, and attract more innovators to exploit this potential.

Finally, this challenge and the follow-up activities are expected to contribute to spread the Open Data culture, and encourage public and private stakeholders and organisations to implement Open Data policies.

What happens at the end of the contract?

If challenge winners define a compelling business case, ESA can provide further support specifically tailored to each case. Options could include an ESA co-funded demonstration project; access to one of the ESA Business Incubator Centres (BIC) across Europe;  business development support by connecting with private investment funding or further partnership opportunities.

For more information

This webpage will regularly updated with new information. Furthermore, it will be very soon possible to register for news and updates for this upcoming ITT.

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For the fully detailed Proposal Guide on competitive ITTs click Open Competition

Invitation To Tender issued On EMITS

The activity indicating the ITT has been published on EMITS on 29 September 2014. Industry and service providers are invited to team up and prepare proposals. Closing date for submitting your offer is 18 December 2014.

Further information and tender documentation can be found on EMITS under reference AO8095.

Recipients of the present ITT are requested to note that the Agency can only consider a proposal from a company or organisation – be it as Prime or as Subcontractor – residing in a State, which currently subscribes to ARTES 20.
To date these are: [1] Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany,Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania,Switzerland and the United Kingdom.

The Agency has earmarked for this activity a maximum budget of EURO 100,000 per contract. Consequently, please note that only compliant proposals quoting a firm fixed price in EURO within this limit will be considered for evaluation. The Agency reserves the right to place parallel contracts in case several proposals of sufficient quality targeting different and/or complementary aspects are submitted.

Please note that proposals which on the closing date are not fully financially authorized by delegate letter(s) will not be admissible for evaluation.