Study on Governance - eHealth for Sub-Saharan Africa Programme (eHSA)

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  • ActivityFeasibility Study
  • Closing date31 August 2011


eHSA Consortium

Together with the EU-Africa Infrastructure Trust Fund (ITF) and Lux-Development (Lux-Dev), ESA is pleased to announce the first Invitation to Tender (ITT) within the eHSA programme addressing healthcare governance aspects in Sub-Saharan Africa.  In the frame of the phase 1 activities of the “Satellite-Ehanced Telemedicine and eHealth for Sub-Saharan Africa Programme - eHSA”, this ITT will be open to industry from 108 states until August 31st.

About the eHSA Programme

Recently, funding from the EU Africa Trust Fund, co-funding from the Government of Luxembourg, and a collaboration agreement with the Luxembourg Agency for Development Cooperation has led ESA to launch the Satellite-Enhanced Telemedicine and eHealth for Sub-Saharan Africa Programme (eHSA). It aims at the development of satellite-enhanced eHealth and Telemedicine infrastructure for the benefit of sub-Saharan Africa. Key elements of this programme ensure a strong African ownership of proposed results, a contribution to the Millennium Development Goals (MDG) of the United Nations and counteracting the existent local workforce shortage.

In general the eHSA programme has been divided in two phases:

  • Phase 1 foresees four studies addressing basic but critical success factors for all e-Health and Telemedicine services development, including governance, regulatory aspects, interoperability and sustainability (“Horizontal Studies”).
  • Phase 2 will be dedicated to the implementation of projects stimulating and addressing the four thematic areas defined in the programme: eCare, eLearning, eSurveillance and eGovernance/eAdministration (“Thematic Areas Projects”).

Study requirements

Governance, defined as ”the collective set of procedures, policies and responsibilities, and organisational structures required to support an effective decision-making process”, is critical for the transition from conventional healthcare to eHealth-enhanced healthcare systems and services.

Therefore the requested study shall investigate the healthcare governance situation in sub-Saharan Africa prior to any eHealth service implementation consequentially allowing for an adequate adoption as well as service provision.

Objectives of the study are as follows

  1. Analyse the responsibilities and the interaction required by local authorities in sub-Saharan Africa on district, country, and regional level while synthesising a suitable and comprehensive governance model.
  2. Identify the role and responsibility of local stakeholders on various levels of the healthcare system, and, if needed, other entities.
  3. Identify and propose suitable governance models for the thematic areas of eCare, eLearning, eSurveillance and eGovernance/eAdministration which will also be addressed by the projects initiated in phase 2 of the eHSA programme.

ITT documentation

Bidders from ESA Member States can download the ITT documentation via ESA’s EMITS system (, under the reference AO 6824 (under “Open Invitations to Tender”).

Bidders from EU Member States, Africa, the Carribean, and Pacific Group Member States, can download the ITT documentation through the EU-Africa Infrastructure Trust Fund (ITF) Portal ( and the Lux-Development (Lux-Dev) Portal (