Based on user needs and industry skills, the evolution of customized solutions and the establishment of innovative services is accomplished through project activities. Focusing on various thematic areas, relevant information on the project activities is provided below.

Accurate Solution for SUrface movements with tRusted E‐signature

Status date: 18 October 2019

The ASSURE project aims to integrate a GNSS and SatCom-enabled device with blockchain technology to provide continuous monitoring of surface displacements. ASSURE is used to monitor areas that are vulnerable to land deformation and critical infrastructure at risk of external forces endangering their stability. Such monitoring will be carried out using a certified device and thus producing certified data. 


Status date: 15 October 2019

The WAMMO project, a continuation of Ascend XYZ’s AMMO project, aims to expand the service with ground radar data. Airports will be able to visualize bird activity and identify the associated areas of interest. Radar data and correlated EO data from multiple airports will be used to produce statistical models for airports not equipped with a radar and with similar habitats.

Shrub Mapping

Status date: 15 October 2019

The Shrub Mapping service is intended to detect shrub management needs in young boreal forest areas. Based on Terramonitor’s Earth observation and multi-source data, the cloud service maps large forest areas, analyses and monitors the shrub situation in conifer forests and generates insights about the need for forest management duties anywhere in the world.  


Status date: 15 October 2019

FSARG is a mobile application which is dedicated mainly to recreational anglers. It enables the use of integrated depth data of fishing grounds with up-to-date information on species and quantities of fish present in a given water reservoir. Information on the most appropriate fishing times on a given day and location are also available.


Status date: 15 October 2019

SAVANT is an end-to-end analytics and insights service, generating and delivering bespoke products tailored to specific requirements of customers seeking information on the mining industry, with an initial focus on the copper mining sector.


Status date: 14 October 2019

Artisanal and Small-scale Mining (ASM), Abandoned Mines and Repositories (AMR), and Large Scale Mining (LSM), whether legal or illegal, are associated with negative environmental and social impacts. Despite regulations, mines are continuously and rapidly expanding, often, out of control. 


Status date: 14 October 2019

The principal objective of the FAMOS project is to develop a comprehensive forest status monitoring system tailored to the requirements of commercial clients from the commodity sector, especially within the context of cocoa, palm oil, and rubber. Combining earth observation, IT technology and GNSS, the service supports target users by improving the efficiency of existing business processes.


Status date: 27 September 2019

To enable the growing community of outdoor enthusiasts to better plan and prepare for safe and enjoyable activities, MetGIS, DLR and Outdooractive develop a fully integrated solution for weather-based trip planning and decision support on tour. Recommendation features and warning services are powered by space technologies and space derived data and include high resolution weather and snow cover maps.


Status date: 26 September 2019

Based on satellite data, DeFROST delivers the ultimate snow monitoring solution for Outdoor Tourism digital businesses and Touristic Destinations. With DeFROST, such actors can help their users stay safe while planning and enjoying the next outdoor activity – while staying ahead of competition and helping them grow in off-peak seasons.

Broadband Africa

Status date: 26 September 2019

The Broadband Africa service provides Internet in a pay as you go format to customers in Africa, to permit them to flexibly choose the capacity, the connection speed in both transmission and reception, and the duration of the service.