Based on user needs and industry skills, the evolution of customized solutions and the establishment of innovative services is accomplished through project activities. Focusing on various thematic areas, relevant information on the project activities is provided below.


Status date: 21 August 2020

The aviation industry is becoming increasingly dependent on the GNSS-based technologies, at the same time being aware of its vulnerabilities, including those originating from Space Weather. SWAIR responds to that reality with a system providing GNSS and Space Weather monitoring and performance assessment products, compliant with international regulations and recommendations.


Status date: 19 August 2020

The STARS project aims to deliver a service consisting of the automation of real-time workout parameter registration during swimming workouts. Currently, there is no system available in open water swimming that allows for the real-time registration of both biomechanical and physiological parameters in a wearable and comfortable way.

Foresight Marine

Status date: 19 August 2020

Foresight Marine digitises the process of machinery inspection; our edge sensors generate certifiable & actionable data accessible to anyone, anytime, anywhere – from the ship mechanic to the board room decision makers.

Landmrk Context Expansion

Status date: 14 July 2020

The Landmrk Context Expansion project sees Landmrk’s location based experiences platform supercharged with hyper-local weather data, space data and earth observation data. The resulting platform enables the creation of a variety of compelling experiences for mobile phone users based on their context.


Status date: 13 July 2020

Electricity is the lifeblood of modern society and security of electricity supply is extremely important. Energy transmission and distribution networks are vulnerable. Information collected by satellites can be used to make the maintenance of the networks more efficient, to reduce risks due to the changing environment, and to mitigate the risk of interruptions. 


Status date: 13 July 2020

Thanks to Copernicus data, The Buildspot serviceOptimize the construction sites surveillanceBe aware of all existing construction sitesQuantify the urbanization status of specific areaWatch for the geographic development of the construction market  


Status date: 09 July 2020

AGESPOT is a completely new technological development based on satellite earth observation data offering services that allow access to precise data on WHERE and HOW MANY people, under consideration of their ages and socio-economic attributes, currently live and will likely live in the FUTURE.


Status date: 09 July 2020

3D Energy (3DE) provides an end to end geospatial service solution for the maintenance of assets in the critical infrastructure sector. The 3DE platform enables users to book surveys, acquire remote sensing data (airborne and spaceborne), process and analyse data, design and code automated workflows to produce client specific information services such as maintenance reports and targeted work orders for predicted faults.


Status date: 09 July 2020

The main objective of the ClimField service is to provide farmers with a EO-based solution for an improved management of the irrigation process mainly for potatoes and – to a lesser extent – for cereals. The solution is based on estimation of evapotranspiration using satellite data and on calculation of field-scale water balance. 


Status date: 07 July 2020

Kinetikos is transforming the standard of care for movement disorders by eradicating the subjective observational analysis and the discontinuity in delivered healthcare, allowing healthcare providers to reach more patients, more often and support their decision-making on objective measurements to improve patients' outcomes.