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Towards a Space-Powered Economy - BASS showcase event to take place in Harwell in November

Date: 25-26 November 2024
Venue: ECSAT Conference Centre, Oxfordshire, UK
Cost: 149 EURO        

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Strong sustainable economies are the bedrock of successful societies. Space technology already enhances all sectors of our economy and is giving European industry a competitive edge on the world stage. We will demonstrate how businesses of all sizes in every non-space sector are benefiting from space applications, increasing revenues and facilitating company growth.
This event will be the most important event for the European Space Agency (ESA)'s Business Applications and Space Solutions programme (BASS) in 2024. We aim to demystify space by demonstrating the value of the application of space technologies across every aspect of daily life and its impact in many economic sectors in Europe and around the world.


At this event ESA will showcase the work of BASS as a key driver for sustainable innovation across European industry, with endorsements by senior leaders from high profile companies. We will also:

  • demonstrate how user-driven innovation is critical to achieving a greater integration of space into the wider economy, in the context of the digital economy
  • showcase the impact of space applications on non-space economies 
  • foster a dialogue between stakeholders, developing links between industrial eco-systems
  • outline the opportunities offered by BASS financial, technical and business support 


A full agenda will be published shortly. The event  will include:

  • keynote speeches from ESA’s Director General and senior managers from corporates, with a focus on sustainable businesses and digital innovation
  • startup pitches 
  • perspectives from the user community – challenges and priorities discussions
  • success stories 
  • exhibition area
  • break out and splinter sessions 
  • networking Gala Dinner at Keble College, Oxford


  • innovation and technology leads from businesses of any size who have yet to see how space can help them thrive 
  • representatives from the public and/or private sectors interested in cooperating with ESA in the development and demonstration of space solutions 
  • SME and startup owners looking to grow their businesses
  • investors, technology developers and academics from across Europe looking to discover new opportunities and form important connections 
20 June 2024
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