business applications


ESA Business Applications offers funding and support to businesses from any sector who intend to use space (satellite navigation, earth observation, satellite telecommunication, space weather, space technologies) to develop new commercial services.

Applications are open all year: businesses can either apply to a thematic opportunity (see list below) or submit an open application (Call for Proposals).


Kick-start Activities

Atlantic Area Kick-Start

Invitation to Tender      Opening date: 06 June 2018      Closing date: 18 July 2018

From renewable ocean energy from tides and waves, to marine aquaculture, seabed mining and e-navigation. We're looking for business cases related to the Atlantic Area and powered by Space.

Pulp & Paper Kick Start

Intended Tender      Opening date: 20 August 2018      Closing date: 01 October 2018

Space technologies can support many parts of the value chain of pulp and paper production starting with logistics and sourcing of the raw material right in the forest. 



Space For Sanitation

Intended Tender      Opening date: 01 September 2018      Closing date: 31 October 2018

Space for Santiation is an Intended Tender looking to utilise the capabiltiies of space technology within the Sanitation Economy. 

Proving Train Integrity Using Satellite Navigation Services For Train Control Applications

Invitation to Tender           Closing date: 20 July 2018

The study will propose a roadmap for implementation and demonstration of the proposed solution. It is envisaged that the study will be supported by key users and stakeholders, who will contribute to requirements and explore opportunities for demonstrating the proposed solution through a potential follow-up Demonstration Project.

Unmanned Maritime Systems (UMS)

Intended Tender          

We're looking for business cases related to all the ecosystem of unmanned maritime vehicles. Maritime surveillance, demining operations, environmental monitoring, logistic and maintenance. 


Direct Negotiation (CALL FOR PROPOSALS)

Call For Ideas on Commercially-Driven Research in Space

Call for Ideas

This initiative calls for commercially-driven proposals for utilising ISS, and (if required) to exploit research results stemming from ISS and ground-based space analogues in preparation (e.g. sounding rocket, parabolic flights, drop towers, bed-rest studies). 

Feasibility Studies

Direct Negotiation (Call for Proposals)

Feasibility Studies provide the preparatory framework to identify, analyse and define new potentially sustainable applications and services within the ESA Business Applications programme.

Demonstration Projects

Direct Negotiation (Call for Proposals)

The output of Demonstration Projects shall be a pre-operational service responding to well identified user needs and requirements and should show a clear potential to become sustainable at the conclusion of the project with ESA.