Supporting the transition to a sustainable clean energy future through space applications

The global energy sector is going through a fundamental transformation as countries shift towards clean energy in response to climate change and the need to secure energy supplies. The transitions vary in their extent and speed, but the challenges are the same. 

In the years up to 2030, clean energy transitions will primarily rely on a range of renewable energy types for electricity generation. Beyond 2030, diverse low-carbon technologies that are currently in their demonstration phase will start to have an impact. Meanwhile, the concept of energy security is broader and more important than ever, covering the “four As”: availability, accessibility, affordability and acceptability.

ESA’s vision and strategy include the use of space to combat the climate crisis and enable a green future. Digitalisation, satellite connectivity and space applications provide a range of opportunities to enhance energy security and the green energy transition, addressing many of the challenges faced by nations and by the energy sector. We envision space as key to helping provide secure, sustainable, accessible energy for everyone.



ESA has instigated many initiatives in recent years to promote the use of space applications and data in the provision of sustainable, clean energy. We support innovative developments through technical assistance and funding, with more initiatives planned for the future.

Now, in this rapidly evolving context, and as ESA seeks to accelerate the use of space and work towards carbon neutrality by 2050, we have launched the “Task Force for Innovation in Energy Through Space”. This Energy Task Force will address the key challenges faced by the energy sector through the use of space solutions.


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•    ESA Space2Connect: 7-9 June 2023, Matera, Italy

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Don't forget to sign up for the dedicated Energy Forum on Friday 9 June 2023 to find out more about how space can help tackle the ongoing challenges in the energy sector. Please email Asimina Syriou ( to confirm your attendance.