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04 Jul 2024 European first for ESA-backed drone project in Antwerp 
27 Jun 2024 How space technology is transforming city life - World Cities Climate Action Summit, London
20 Jun 2024 Towards a Space-Powered Economy - BASS showcase event to take place in Harwell in November
14 Jun 2024 ESA to collaborate with Ferrari to drive innovation and sustainability 
24 May 2024 Belfast to host ESA’s first Port Decarbonisation and Environmental Sustainability Workshop in September
21 May 2024 Airbus project helps UK’s Network Rail build & maintain safer, smarter railways
19 May 2024 Innovative satellite data service helps insurance sector support homeowners after natural disasters
09 Apr 2024 UK-based startup develops new technology to reduce aviation’s climate impact
06 Apr 2024 Microgrid management project lights up rural communities in India
22 Mar 2024 Space technologies support safer aviation in adverse weather conditions
13 Mar 2024 Earth-i delivers global metals and minerals activity insights with ESA support
15 Feb 2024 Italian consortium uses AR/VR and satellite technologies to expand access to fragile historical sites
08 Feb 2024 ESA launches Maritime Sustainability Task Force in Marseille
02 Feb 2024 Electromobility, robotics and smart cities to top the agenda at ESA, UKSA and Plug and Play event in March
20 Dec 2023 ''Space for Blue'' event to be held in February
18 Dec 2023 ESA and DEWA to partner to accelerate purposeful innovation for the utilities sector
12 Dec 2023 Satellite data at the heart of advanced sustainable tourism platform
04 Dec 2023 ESA and CEO Water Mandate to monitor the world’s most water-stressed basins
27 Nov 2023 E.ON Innovation and ESA launch new partnership to leverage space-based applications to advance innovation in the energy sector
27 Nov 2023 Head of ESA Space Solutions lays out vision for sustainable future on last day of conference
24 Nov 2023 New Awake.AI Marketplace set to revolutionise the Maritime Port Services Trading Landscape
23 Nov 2023 Joint EMSA-ESA Workshop on VDES in Lisbon
21 Nov 2023 Satellite technology powers next-generation air-to-ground connectivity for airborne missions
20 Nov 2023 ESA Commercialisation Days: Transportation - opportunities offered by space high on the agenda at forthcoming event
06 Nov 2023 DigiFarm’s pioneering work in agriculture honoured with ESA Rising Stars award
01 Nov 2023 Launch of new dossier showcases growing role of space for a green future
06 Oct 2023 IVECO BUS and ESA sign MoI to leverage space applications for sustainable mobility solutions
06 Oct 2023 ESA-backed company attracts €3 million investment for satellite-powered sustainable infrastructure solution
28 Sep 2023 Copa-Cogeca and ESA launch partnership to secure the future of sustainable and digital agriculture
15 Sep 2023 IBISA harnesses space data to deliver groundbreaking climate insurance solution
05 Sep 2023 Harnessing space technology to manage water levels in remote areas
24 Jul 2023 Producers turn to space to reduce production costs and environmental impacts of sugarcane
18 Jul 2023 Space technology to the rescue with CGI’s emergency response platform
17 Jul 2023 ESA-backed company wins Innovation and Product Launch categories at Ship Technology Excellence Awards
27 Jun 2023 ESA Space Solutions supported company Kayrros attracts NewSpace Capital funds for delivering green impact
26 Jun 2023 "Eyes on Plastic" - using space applications to accelerate a green transition
19 Jun 2023 Polish company recognised for irrigation service powered from space
08 Jun 2023 Satellite technology offers fast track to success
06 Jun 2023 Cost-effective traffic monitoring system is a game changer for major events
01 Jun 2023 Epic Blue gets support from space for first responders 
16 May 2023 New lightweight weather sonde demonstrates world-leading accuracy levels
06 Apr 2023 The One Sea Association and ESA partner to support the uptake of autonomous shipping in the maritime sector
16 Mar 2023 Humanitarian crises and the added value of space
08 Mar 2023 Optimising last mile delivery through GNSS data
06 Feb 2023 Shaping the future of agriculture through space
14 Dec 2022 Monitoring crops from space supports the Portuguese government and farmers
13 Dec 2022 ESA project supports improvements in child cancer care in Iraq
01 Dec 2022 ESA announces new green finance partnership with UK CGFI
07 Nov 2022 German LiveEO secures significant investment
14 Oct 2022 Changing the landscape of ocean conservation
05 Oct 2022 Task Force Launched for Innovation in Energy Through Space
14 Sep 2022 Satellites drive golfing performance success
01 Sep 2022 It always pays to B-SURE
18 Aug 2022 Satellites and AI in new generation forest management
02 Aug 2022 Revolutionising organic cotton certification using satellites and machine learning
19 Jul 2022 Meet the ESA Ambassador Platform for Portugal
11 Jul 2022 The satellite-enabled emergency response system that could make a life-saving difference
05 Jul 2022 Cycling gets smarter with new space-enabled Bluetooth device
30 Jun 2022 ESA-backed project supports oil and gas safety by keeping an eye on the ground 
29 Jun 2022 Five stars for aspiration and sustainability
23 Jun 2022 ESA and the Italian Coast Guard to leverage space applications for supporting maritime systems and services
21 Jun 2022 Meet the ESA Ambassador Platform for Austria
15 Jun 2022 Satellite-enabled software helping to accelerate sustainable development in remote areas
30 May 2022 Accelerating Innovation in Space Through Strategic Partnerships
27 May 2022 FT's Investing in Space Summit
26 May 2022 Climate risk monitoring for the commodities market
25 May 2022 ESA Joins Global Alliance for Sustainable Energy
23 May 2022 Meet the ESA Ambassador Platform for Belgium
23 May 2022 Connecting ESA’s Space Network with European Investors
16 May 2022 ESA spurs investment in space entrepreneurs
28 Apr 2022 New Fusion of services benefit agricultural users and providers
20 Apr 2022 Meet the ESA Ambassador Platform for Poland
19 Apr 2022 Subsidence mapping to help homeowners in Poland seek compensation for mining damage 
07 Mar 2022 Meet the ESA Ambassador Platform for Italy
25 Feb 2022 Satellite data at the heart of COP26 pledge to reduce methane emissions
16 Feb 2022 ESA – Project Cyclotron Investor Forum in anticipation of GSTC 2022
31 Jan 2022 Aspiring to new heights with drone Remote ID device
27 Jan 2022 Innovative Space-Based Solutions Alleviate Negative Impacts of COVID-19 Pandemic
24 Jan 2022 AWOL delivers near real-time photos of mass participation sports in seconds thanks to Demonstration Project
18 Jan 2022 Using Space Applications as a Transition Accelerator: A Memorandum of Intent between the Muncipality of Genoa, ESA and Enel Italia
11 Jan 2022 Horizons are brightening for Peru’s farmers
10 Jan 2022 Space in Response to COVID-19 Outbreak in Italy - Final Presentation Day
15 Dec 2021 Space tech meets HR to revolutionise hiring processes
09 Dec 2021 Autonomous shuttle launched at Harwell Campus
08 Dec 2021 Faster, greener and cheaper – your customised bus service
30 Nov 2021 Assessing insurance risk and damage in the digital age
29 Nov 2021 ESA and PSCE cooperate on Space Applications and Digital Transformation in Public Safety
22 Nov 2021 Harnessing space technology for better investment planning 
11 Nov 2021 Carbon Farming’s Eye in the Sky
10 Nov 2021 ESA and CEO Water Mandate to cooperate on space technologies and applications for Net Positive Water Impact
28 Oct 2021 Using AI and satellites to combat poaching of endangered species
27 Oct 2021 ESA and the City of Essen collaborate to protect urban and suburban areas with the power of space-applications
25 Oct 2021 Farmers use smart farming app in the field to boost crop yields
12 Oct 2021 COP26: Connectivity, Space and Digital Technologies for Green Value
16 Sep 2021 Meet ESA BIC Lazio
09 Sep 2021 Eureka Investment Readiness Programme: European Space Agency
03 Sep 2021 ESA BIC Bavaria helps Atlas Aero take off
11 Aug 2021 Meet ESA BIC UK
09 Aug 2021 Drones take to Scottish skies to support COVID battle
28 Jul 2021 The innovative physics engine teaching students to code virtual robots in life-like landscapes
19 Jul 2021 World Tourism Forum Lucerne and ESA joining forces for advancing sustainable innovation for tourism industry
15 Jul 2021 Award-winning AI solution provides first automatic detection system for unregulated mining
08 Jun 2021 Meet ESA BIC Denmark
28 May 2021 European Space Agency support Jumpstarts LiveEO’s Product Development and Enables Market Leadership
26 May 2021 Satellites make seas cleaner via pollution detection service
25 May 2021 Munich Re and the ESA Space Solutions Alliance bring risk management expertise to NewSpace start-ups
20 May 2021 Greek ESA BIC opens in a new space era
12 May 2021 Information Day for the launch of the European Space Business Programme
07 May 2021 How to reduce CO2 and make aerospace more eco-friendly with space data
07 May 2021 Staying Healthy with Space
06 May 2021 KTW delivers the drinks with DLR’s precision valves
04 May 2021 From looking for life on Mars to saving lives on Earth
30 Apr 2021 Meet ESA BIC Noordwijk
28 Apr 2021 ESA to partner with SINTEF Ocean on smart and autonomous shipping and environmental monitoring initiatives
13 Apr 2021 Meet ESA Space Solutions Network
07 Apr 2021 Business Incubation - a real powerhouse for entrepreneurship
31 Mar 2021 ‘Eye’ of Athens – the newest ESA telescope will hunt for objects of universal scale
31 Mar 2021 Real estate lawyers use satellite imagery to save time and money
26 Mar 2021 ESA competition to boost advanced mining solutions for Earth and space
23 Mar 2021 ESA BIC Estonia incubatee wins ESA BIC Challenge at Paris Space Week
23 Mar 2021 European Space Agency signs Memorandum of Intent with Public Safety Communication Europe
22 Mar 2021 More Inspirational Women in the ESA Space Solutions Network
22 Mar 2021 Inspirational Women in the ESA Space Solutions Network
22 Mar 2021 Skin booster: Cosmetics delivered by space technology
16 Mar 2021 SEA-KIT: Robo-boats scanning the ocean floor
16 Mar 2021 Smart and Uncrewed Shipping
08 Mar 2021 Saturnalia: Raise your glass to space data!
25 Feb 2021 Portuguese project supported by European Space Agency (ESA) Space Solutions aims to "clean up" the Azores ports
12 Feb 2021 Information Day for ESA Technology Broker and Business Applications Ambassador in Poland
03 Feb 2021 ESA BIC supports company leading first space debris removal mission
27 Jan 2021 Space for Green Applications
21 Jan 2021 Award-winning health app enhanced by GNSS-enabled features
21 Dec 2020 The Space you need to power sustainability
18 Dec 2020 ESA Council appoints Josef Aschbacher as next ESA Director General
09 Dec 2020 14th ESA Investor Forum held virtually in partnership with ELITE
03 Dec 2020 Putting Galileo in the driving seat for autonomous vehicles
03 Dec 2020 FATMAP – new features for leading outdoor platform
30 Nov 2020 ESA and SBIC Noordwijk celebrate new 6-year incubation contract
27 Nov 2020 Vaonis raises $2.5 million for affordable smart telescope
25 Nov 2020 Space projects in Sub-Saharan Africa have impact on more than a dozen Sustainable Development Goals
09 Nov 2020 Online Portugal Space Summer School Inspires New Entrepreneurs
04 Nov 2020 Why children make the best entrepreneurs
03 Nov 2020 ESA BIC companies share ESA Space Solutions stand at INTERGEO 2020
22 Oct 2020 Create tomorrow’s space-enabled solutions by taking part in ActInSpace® 2020
16 Oct 2020 Mirpuri Foundation joins forces with the European Space Agency
16 Oct 2020 Anywaves’ 3D printed ceramic antennas take flight
15 Oct 2020 Czech cosmic start-up helps decode Enigma of Raphael painting
02 Oct 2020 SatADSL widens global Internet access through PaaS model
28 Sep 2020 07 October 2020: ESA BIC Greece - Information webinar
16 Sep 2020 Space data’s new place in landslide monitoring
15 Sep 2020 Webinar: Space and 5G - Project Opportunities in Scotland
10 Sep 2020 Upcoming space entrepreneurs aim for the Moon
09 Jul 2020 Project Announcement CertiPro
08 Jul 2020 Start-up agriBORA supports survival of African smallholders
08 Jul 2020 New satcom systems can reduce aircraft CO2 emissions by 10 million tonnes per year
08 Jul 2020 Towards Space and 5G: Transport and Logistics
01 Jul 2020 Towards Space and 5G: Webinar
09 Jun 2020 Space-enabled mobile bio-lab to test key workers for COVID-19
08 Jun 2020 Project Hawking: Space-enhanced machine learning brings genius to the agrochemical management of crops
05 Jun 2020 Joining forces to foster development of space applications to empower rural communities
03 Jun 2020 ESNAH’s SkyLiberty takes flight following successful ESA Demonstration Project
03 Jun 2020 Bike routing app uses space for cyclists
02 Jun 2020 HeartKinetics develops solution for daily home cardiac monitoring
27 May 2020 Finnish start-up Aurora powers the small satellite sector
26 May 2020 ESA Space Solutions at the heart of the fight against COVID-19
21 May 2020 Across the whole World we are asking new questions
18 May 2020 Space Technology lights up developing countries
13 May 2020 Imaging technology: A bridge between space and medicine
30 Apr 2020 Telemedicine on the frontline in Spain
15 Apr 2020 Satellite image processing gives sight to visually impaired
15 Apr 2020 OroraTech launches commercial wildfire detection system
14 Apr 2020 UK launches space-based response to Covid-19 pandemic
14 Apr 2020 Undersee – Improved decision-making with satellite observations and forecasting of water quality changes in marine environments
31 Mar 2020 ESA “e-Investor Forum” in partnership with ELITE
23 Mar 2020 Funding Calls: Space in Response to COVID-19 Outbreak
13 Mar 2020 OilX – Providing fast, transparent data on the oil supply chain
09 Mar 2020 Denmark throttles up on space entrepreneurship with ESA
06 Mar 2020 Space and health collide for sustainable development
19 Feb 2020 European space start-ups boost collaboration opportunities with Israel tour
10 Feb 2020 OWASIS – Smart water management by satellite
10 Feb 2020 Where on Earth? ESA BASS poses the question at Portsmouth Stargazing Live…
04 Feb 2020 European Space Agency signs Memorandum of Intent with Genius 100 Foundation
13 Dec 2019 Enel and the European Space Agency Together To Foster Space Applications in Energy
13 Dec 2019 Boost for European startups and SMEs at the ESA Ministerial Council Space 19+
13 Dec 2019 The Irish company Skytek wins Lloyds award for marine insurance technology
13 Dec 2019 Matchmaking meets sustainability at Slush 2019
20 Nov 2019 TIKKA - Taking forestry practices into the 21st century
20 Nov 2019 ESA BIC Madrid gets the attention of Airbus
11 Nov 2019 Space as a superpower delivering sustainable business for the good of humanity
31 Oct 2019 ESA Business Applications Final Presentation Day
28 Oct 2019 OPPORTUNITY 5G for L’ ART (L’ Aquila, Abruzzo Region, Rome, Torino)
24 Oct 2019 Portuguese Space Solutions celebrates their 5th anniversary at the 1st joint ESA Business Applications and ESA Space Solutions meeting
18 Oct 2019 Protecting Polish forests from fire hotspots
17 Oct 2019 ESA to partner with AXA to harness the provision of seamless and sustainable healthcare
14 Oct 2019 Snow Patrol: Space assets supply missing info for snow monitoring
08 Oct 2019 European Space Agency – Torino Municipality Memorandum of Intent
04 Sep 2019 DAMMINGS – keeping dams safe via satellite
20 Aug 2019 Summer School: The new Space Camp
06 Aug 2019 ‘Sustainable solutions for the future’ – Business Applications Final Presentation Day
01 Aug 2019 ConsTrack - Taking Stock of the Construction Industry
08 Jul 2019 ESA Investor Forum at the London Stock Exchange
01 Jul 2019 ESA to partner with One Sea Alliance on maritime digitalisation and autonomous shipping initiatives
14 Jun 2019 B-LiFE – Life-saving labs at lightning speed
12 Jun 2019 How satellites can improve the health of city dwellers
14 May 2019 More sustainable Fish 'n' Chips thanks to Space
25 Apr 2019 If you can’t fly with Captain Sully…
12 Apr 2019 Innovate in farming with your space robot
05 Apr 2019 Hiber – how pie in the sky became reality
29 Mar 2019 Bridging the gap - how Space is improving bridge safety
20 Mar 2019 Maritime surveillance reaps commercial rewards
14 Mar 2019 ESA BIC Bavaria at Aerospace Technology Park Oberpfaffenhofen
08 Mar 2019 DroSecMa – dealing with hostile drones
05 Mar 2019 Seraphim Capital Appoints Candace Johnson as New Venture Partner and Chair of Advisory Board
05 Feb 2019 Primomiglio SGR and ESA Business Application to boost New Space ecosystem
04 Feb 2019 Industrial Opportunity in Secure Satcom for Safety and Security
23 Jan 2019 Digitising the minefield – the MIDAS touch
20 Dec 2018 Space takes centre stage as 2018 is declared ‘Czech Space Year’
17 Dec 2018 DeFROST – decoding THE GREAT OUTDOORS
29 Nov 2018 ESA, EDSO and ENTSO-E announce cooperation agreement
22 Nov 2018 ThermCERT: turning up the heat on fuel poverty
16 Nov 2018 Space Making the Virtual a Reality
14 Nov 2018 CosmiCapital venture fund to boost New Space ecosystem in Europe
31 Oct 2018 Official Launch of the ESA Business Applications Ambassador Network in the UK
30 Oct 2018 ESA welcomes Seraphim Space Camp start-ups
15 Oct 2018 ESA's 2nd Investor Forum takes place in Milan
11 Oct 2018 Grant Helps European Enterprise Tackle Global Pests
04 Oct 2018 Ascend XYZ flying high
14 Sep 2018 South Africa implements Water Auditing Application to reduce irrigated water use
10 Sep 2018 Meet Britain’s Willy Wonka powered by Space
16 Aug 2018 Growthbusters: TCarta and the Bathymetry Data Portal
02 Aug 2018 3INSAT Delivers
01 Aug 2018 Earth Observation Challenge: The Three Winners
11 Jul 2018 UK Science Minister Sam Gyimah and Tim Peake visit ECSAT
11 Jul 2018 EIB and ESA to cooperate on increasing investments in the European Space Sector
27 Jun 2018 Young space entrepreneurs take part in Dragon’s Den style pitch fest
26 Jun 2018 Terramonitor launches a satellite-based map stream of planet Earth
20 Jun 2018 Philips acquire ESA Business Applications funded RDT
20 Jun 2018 European Space Agency and the Toilet Board Coalition Partnership
14 Jun 2018 Rezatec and Eden Project Promote EO Data
12 Jun 2018 5Groningen and European Space Agency to collaborate for space and 5G applications
06 Jun 2018 Big data firm QuantCube raises $5 million after ESA investment
11 May 2018 The Impact of Space Data on Smart Transport & Logistics
09 May 2018 The Safety and Security of Critical Infrastructures
26 Apr 2018 Mosaic Smart Data partners with ESA for new frontier of FinTech
20 Apr 2018 London Stock Exchange Group’s ELITE joins forces with the European Space Agency
16 Apr 2018 Hummingbird Technologies Ltd Spread Their Wings
04 Apr 2018 KORE launches commercial activities at Agritechnica
29 Mar 2018 Lift Off for Space Camp in London
29 Mar 2018 How Space Data is Enabling the Agritech Sector
23 Mar 2018 Alstom acquires 21net: onboard internet powered by Space
08 Mar 2018 TeleRetail delivery robot debuts in the US
07 Mar 2018 Rezatec Completes Second Phase of £2M Financing Round
26 Feb 2018 Enhance Flight Safety and Reduce Aircraft Maintenance Costs
22 Feb 2018 European data-driven AgTech startups
19 Feb 2018 Bathymetrics Data Portal Launched, Delivering Quality Water Depth Data to Businesses
29 Jan 2018 Space can help to find new sites for wind farms
15 Dec 2017 End of Year Message from Magali Vaissiere
05 Dec 2017 HealthTec Call for Proposals
24 Nov 2017 Sentinel Hub - 1 Year Free Earth Observation Data
22 Nov 2017 Reducing the risk of bird strikes
21 Nov 2017 Save the World with your business powered by Space
07 Nov 2017 Space to help support us as we get older
25 Oct 2017 Promoting Harwell at the Palace
04 Oct 2017 ESA Business Applications Regional Ambassador Platform for the UK
15 Sep 2017 ESA work with FD to apply Kx Technology for the development of commercial space applications
16 Aug 2017 Geospatial data analytics for landscape intelligence
09 Aug 2017 London Business Angels (LBA) joins force with ESA Business Applications
18 Jul 2017 Space Moves! Business Idea Competition
06 Jun 2017 An integrated forestry monitoring service
16 May 2017 Space and Satcom for 5G
09 May 2017 Monitoring transport of hazardous goods from space
24 Apr 2017 Giving Ireland's thriving space industry a boost
23 Mar 2017 Major contract for medical monitoring device developed with ESA support
20 Mar 2017 An electronic record keeping system for commercial fishermen
13 Mar 2017 No obstacles for airports using satellites
01 Mar 2017 Maritime Communication Seminar
28 Feb 2017 Small ARTES Applications OPEN CALL targets Austrian space and non-space SMEs, industry and academia
23 Feb 2017 Winners of the ESA Female YGT Space Applications competition 2017
14 Feb 2017 New monitoring system for the Danube helps manage seasonal challenges
01 Feb 2017 Offshore Energy and the Space Industry
20 Dec 2016 New funding opportunity: space support for microgrids developments in India
16 Dec 2016 End of Year Message from Magali Vaissiere
15 Dec 2016 Kick-start Activities: new funding opportunity for innovative applications ideas
12 Dec 2016 Ambassador Platform Italy launched
07 Dec 2016 Major investment in satcom-enabled e-Learning for Italy
06 Dec 2016 Improving Internet access on high-speed trains
06 Dec 2016 Way forward for ESA Telecom following Ministerial Council meeting
27 Nov 2016 New ESA BICS and Ambassador Platforms for Switzerland and Austria
22 Nov 2016 Venture capital available for space-based companies
11 Nov 2016 Monitoring bridges opens vast markets
04 Nov 2016 Royal launch of HydroNET in Australia
04 Nov 2016 IAP reloaded
03 Nov 2016 Major investment in satcom-enabled e-Learning for Italy
05 Sep 2016 A satellite-based wildlife monitoring tool for airports
28 Jul 2016 Coordinated support for mountain rescues
30 Jun 2016 A smart system to track rainfall and flooding
28 Jun 2016 Makerspace for the Internet of Things - powered by satellite
06 Jun 2016 Tracking containers from space
03 May 2016 ESA's Space Business Idea Challenge: the winning teams
19 Apr 2016 Former Google senior technologist Michael Jones joins Seraphim Space as advisor
01 Apr 2016 Monitoring pipelines from space
31 Mar 2016 Three new IAP Tenders
24 Mar 2016 AP Portugal announces Small ARTES Apps funding awards
22 Feb 2016 ESA launches new Space4Rail web portal
25 Jan 2016 New portable encoder streams HD video on the go
09 Dec 2015 Supporting space startups: business incubator call 2015-16
01 Dec 2015 UK Ambassador Platform for Offshore Energy off to a breezy start
23 Nov 2015 The Second ARTES Applications Final Presentation Day
15 Nov 2015 Smart Farming with satellites
04 Oct 2015 Space for Med finds great potential for space tech in the southern and eastern Mediterranean region
15 Sep 2015 SURMON takes off
14 Sep 2015 ORE Catapult boldly goes with new ESA Space Ambassadors
11 Aug 2015 Seraphim Space venture capital to nurture ESA space applications
03 Jul 2015 ARTES Apps Final Presentations Day
22 Jun 2015 SMALL ARTES Apps Open Call
19 Jun 2015 Sway4edu connects rural schools
15 May 2015 EDA and ESA launch DeSIRE II demonstration project
24 Mar 2015 Monitoring bridges from space
03 Mar 2015 Bringing satellite data to mobile devices
24 Feb 2015 Satellite support for Alpine rescues
27 Jan 2015 ARTES research fellowship: SME success factors
26 Jan 2015 Saving peatlands with satellites
02 Dec 2014 Space opportunities for the Marine Industry in the Arctic - Downloads available
07 Nov 2014 Satellites help map infectious disease vectors
03 Nov 2014 ARTES Applications Ambassador Platform for Belgium Launched
16 Oct 2014 Integrated applications on display
15 Sep 2014 eHSA
10 Sep 2014 Logging the smart way
26 Aug 2014 Satellite broadband for all
04 Aug 2014 Quality of Experience for Telemedicine
18 Jul 2014 New maritime monitoring satellite
25 Jun 2014 Research Fellowship in the ARTES programme
16 Jun 2014 Winners of the ESA/EIT Space For Rail Competition
23 May 2014 Looking out for landslides
14 May 2014 Opportunities with ESA for the Finnish telecommunication industry
07 May 2014 ESA Space App Camp 2014 @ ESRIN
06 May 2014 SpaceForMed: Opportunities to identify space-based services in Southern and Eastern Mediterranean countries
06 May 2014 Tracking Trains by Satellite: a premiere for Europe
11 Mar 2014 Portable Telemedicine Device for Medics
19 Feb 2014 Outline Proposal Development Tool for ARTES Applications
16 Feb 2014 Mine action community impressed by SADA
14 Feb 2014 ASSIST - Assessed to prosper
12 Feb 2014 DESIRE II cooperation
12 Feb 2014 FlySafe helps start-up to new heights
18 Oct 2013 Space for Rail Prize 2013
07 Oct 2013 How to Find Business Partners with EEN
27 Sep 2013 Satellite Flood Maps Reach Crisis Teams via Internet
03 Sep 2013 Seminar on Integrated Applications - space data and information society in Helsinki on 26 September 2013
19 Jul 2013 AP-Swiss opening conference a success
19 Jul 2013 Successful ESA-EDA Flight Demonstration on Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS) Insertion into Civil Airspace
19 Jul 2013 Call for Ideas on ARTES 3-4 Satcom Applications - Submission Deadline Extended
17 Jul 2013 Reacting to a Crisis
17 Jul 2013 Banking on Satellites in Africa
14 Jun 2013 Conference highlights the benefits satellite applications can offer SMEs
17 May 2013 ESA Call for Ideas on ARTES 3-4 Satcom Applications May 2013
20 Mar 2013 IAP launches its Ambassador Platform for SMEs in Brussels
19 Dec 2012 IAP highlighted at Space 4 Small Islands seminar
06 Dec 2012 Expertise shared at the Joint EIB and ESA Space for Med launch conference
02 Nov 2012 Launch of AP-Swiss, the IAP Ambassador Platform for Switzerland
25 Sep 2012 Launch of the IAP community portal for eHealth in sub-Saharan Africa (eHSA)
19 Sep 2012 Real time system for community health and epidemiological surveillance (SAFE Haiti pilot)
10 Sep 2012 ESA and European Investment Bank launch Space for Mediterranean Countries Initiative
17 Aug 2012 IAP projects study ways to optimise procedures for intermodal transport
07 Aug 2012 Satellite capacity from a different angle
22 Jun 2012 Vacany Notice: Internal Fellowship IAP - Post-doctorate opportunity in applications development
19 Jun 2012 New IAP project investigates satellite-based solutions for regional airports
06 Jun 2012 Swiss IAP Ambassador Platform Vacancy Announcement
04 May 2012 IAP Call for User Ideas on Critical Infrastructure announced
03 Apr 2012 Trees tell their own story to satellites
11 Jan 2012 Ambassador Platform for the Dual-Use of Space-based Services (APDUSS) - Portal is now online
10 Jan 2012 Surveillance and Control of Land Borders from Space
10 Jan 2012 Challenges for Intermodal Freight Transport through Liverpool Port targeted
05 Jan 2012 eHSA programme kicks-off with study on Governance
13 Dec 2011 Demo project combines satellite and terrestrial data for efficient vessel tracking
02 Dec 2011 Bird Avoidance Services - Participate in Online Survey
02 Dec 2011 Ambassador Platform for Dual-Use Space-based Services (APDUSS)
29 Nov 2011 Water Use Efficiency for Vineyards
16 Nov 2011 Video: SADA helps demining in Bosnia
08 Nov 2011 IAP activities for Africa showcased at IAC
07 Nov 2011 Vacany Notice: Internal Fellowship in Integrated Application Development Activities (IAP)
22 Sep 2011 ESPI/ESA Report on "€žSpace Applications for Civil Protection"€ available online
21 Sep 2011 SADA Mine Action studies about to start Proofs of Concept
02 Sep 2011 Getting the picture via satellite
17 Jun 2011 Stargazing - Rail Technology Magazine looks into the impact of space technology for the rail industry
14 Jun 2011 Cont-Trak demonstrates efficient container tracking
17 May 2011 Mapping the deadly mosquito
28 Mar 2011 IAP Call for User Ideas on the Alpine Region
21 Feb 2011 Satellite African eHealth validation project
17 Feb 2011 Mine Action studies launched!
14 Feb 2011 User Requirement Consolidation Meeting of the Joint EMSA/ESA Programme on Satellite based Automatic Identification System (SAT-AIS)
14 Feb 2011 2nd Information Meeting of the Joint EMSA/ESA Programme on Satellite based Automatic Identification System (SAT-AIS)
14 Jan 2011 The SINUE project investigates UAS air traffic insertion
01 Nov 2010 INTOGENER: Interview with Starlab and ENDESA - part 2
19 Oct 2010 TalkingFields guides European farmers from space
08 Oct 2010 INTOGENER: Interview with Starlab and ENDESA - part 1
17 Sep 2010 ESA Telemedicine Project Commercially Successful
17 Sep 2010 Satellites to Strengthen UK Disaster Response
16 Sep 2010 IAP participation in the International Astronautical Congress
13 Jul 2010 IAP Call for User Ideas on the Baltic
25 Jun 2010 "CSP-FoSyS" activity, second phase started!
18 Jun 2010 TalkingFields - Demonstration Project on Services for Precision Farming started
11 Jun 2010 "INTOGENER" study launched
28 May 2010 Symposium €œHumanitarian Demining 2010
14 May 2010 Bird Strikes Risk Reduction for Civil Aviation study launched
03 May 2010 Ambassador Platform for IAP in Central & Eastern European Region portal is now on line!
19 Apr 2010 Transform Your Business With Space Technology
01 Mar 2010 New On-Board Health Monitor System to be introduced
16 Feb 2010 The National Centre for Tuberculosis in Georgia presented the main results of the "Satellites For Epidemiology" project
15 Feb 2010 ESA and EDA sign contracts for studies on "Satellite Services for UAS Missions"
27 Jan 2010 First meeting of IAP Advisory Committee
26 Jan 2010 Appropriate Satellite Technology in Support of African Electoral Cycles
13 Nov 2009 Transport, Safety and Energy Forum - Presentations Available
12 Nov 2009 Successful IAP Forum on Transport, Safety, and Energy held at Harwell
11 Nov 2009 Medical help for sub-Saharan Africa benefits from satellites
23 Jul 2009 Release of ITT for feasibility study for Bird Strikes Risk-Reduction for Civil Aviation
17 Jun 2009 Strong support shown for FlySafe Initiative
11 May 2009 Flysafe Final Presentation - 29 May 2009
08 May 2009 IAP ITT: Mosquito habitat
25 Nov 2008 Member states approve the new ARTES 20 IAP prgramme