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Objectives of the service

SatNav E @syCare is a telemonitoring service, including mobile Apps and a web-based application, that enables medical staff to remotely monitor chronic and frail patients, based on personalized healthcare plans. This solution meets the requirements of the Chronic Care Model, allowing also to optimize and make easier the monitoring of patients by multi-disciplinary care teams. The aim of the service is to support the medical staff with updated data about heart rate, blood pressure, temperature, etc., thus moving from a medicine of emergency to a scalable and proactive healthcare model. Moreover, positioning information allows a fine tracking of physical activity, the violation detection of movement restrictions and the identification of visited places during virus outbreaks. 

The service allows to manage a large number of patients per doctor, enabling a frequent assessment of the clinical status, mainly based on patients’ self-measurements. This results in the possibility to detect early signs of aggravation and avoid unnecessary hospitalizations and related costs. Moreover, this service empowers the patient, who can actively participate to the care process. In a pandemic scenario, this also minimizes the risk of infection for medical staff. 

Users and their needs

The out-of-hospital management of chronic/frail patients requires a lot of resources and is often facing overload conditions that leads to ineffective services: avoidable hospitalization and related costs, worsening of patients’ quality of life, etc. Moreover, patients have often problems to reach the medical facilities, especially due to illness or age. Indeed, during a pandemic such as COVID-19, medical personnel is at high risk of contagion and medical visits may be delayed thus increasing the ineffectiveness of the service. Moreover, the position tracking of patients at risk/infected is an important countermeasure for administrators to contrast the pandemic and isolate outbreaks.

The SatNav E @syCare solution answers the needs of three categories of users:

  • Healthcare authorities have the possibility to optimize resources and personnel allocation for territory services. Additionally, they have a tool to detect violations of movement restrictions and to track visited places.
  • Medical personnel can remotely monitor patients through the Home kits, reducing risk of contagion and allowing to detect and treat early signs of aggravation before they require hospitalization. Also, they can exploit Professional kits for non-delayable visits on the territory.   
  • Patients can receive more efficient healthcare services staying at home.

Targeted users for the pilot-demonstration belong to Northern-Western area of Tuscany region.

Service/ system concept

SatNav E @syCare product suite allows to easily acquire patients’ vital parameters and signs through a set of Bluetooth medical-qualified sensors, wearable and mobile devices and to share all relevant data in secure way, without time and distance barriers, among medical personnel involved in the patients’ care. Besides vital signs, lifestyle information and questionnaire are also supported. The wide degree of flexibility makes this solution suitable to monitor patients affected by chronic diseases such as cardiovascular, pulmonary and metabolic diseases.

The Home monitoring kit is for patients’ self-measurement and automatic transmission of vital parameters and lifestyle information, according to the personalized activity plan.

The Professional kit supports the healthcare operator during home visits to the patients in charge, or allows to manage multiple patients within the same healthcare facility.

Each monitoring kit consists of a tablet with dedicated App and a set of biomedical sensors (i.e. blood pressure monitor, thermometer and pulse oximeter in the pilot-demonstration). Furthermore, Home kits include a smartwatch to track position and outdoor activities.

The Cloud application is a multi-profile and multi-access web platform, with repository functionality, for the management of the enrolment, the definition of activity plans and the remote monitoring of patients by medical personnel.


Space Added Value

SatNav E @syCare uses the Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) to provide an important added value both to face COVID-19 outbreak challenges but also in the mid/long term to allow a monitoring of a patient at 360 degrees including his/her physical outdoor activity besides the traditional vital signs (e.g. heart rate, blood pressure, body mass, temperature, etc.).

In particular, the integration of geo-localization information in the medical certified telemonitoring suite enhances its current monitoring and detection functionalities with:

  • Position Tracking of people which have been prescribed with restrictive measures because infected by COVID-19 or because came in contact with people with COVID-19
  • Cross-Validation of position where measurements have been acquired versus residence address of the patient
  • Data analysis to find correlation between the spread of a particular disease or virus and a specific geographical areas
  • Fine tracking of outdoor exercise and physical activity, often prescribed as a complement to the standard vital signals monitoring and drug therapy

Current Status

Concluding the development phase, the Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) milestone took place successfully in October 2020. The project team then prepared for the pilot demonstration, including the procurement of the equipment for the monitoring kits, discussions with the Tuscany Region Local Health Authority to identify the doctors to enrol in the pilot demonstration and arrange their training on the system. In December 2020, monitoring kits were distributed to the doctors to start a pre-pilot phase, to test the system on the field in order to be ready for the Site Acceptance Test milestone (SAT), that took place successfully at the end of January 2021, officially starting the pilot demonstration phase, which will run until November 2021.

SatNav E@syCare Monitoring kit - Credit: IngeniArs

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Updated: 23 March 2021 - Created: 21 August 2020