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  • ACTIVITYFeasibility Study
  • STATUSOngoing
  • THEMATIC AREAInfrastructure & Smart Cities, Transport & Logistics, Safety & Security, Energy, Maritime and Aquatic

Objectives of the service

Image credit: SuperVision Earth GmbH

The starting point for the study is the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, which seriously threatens lives and the well-being of many inhabitants in the region, and other conflict and disaster zones around the world. Critical infrastructure in Ukraine has suffered damage, highlighting the urgency of innovative and reliable monitoring solutions for critical infrastructure operators and government agencies.

The lack of reliable information creates major challenges for customers in need. Assets in occupied territories are inaccessible through conventional means, and even in unoccupied regions, the risk persists due to potential damage and ongoing threats.

SuperVision Earth is well-suited to address these issues and has established connections and expertise in Ukrainian and Eastern European markets. We possess extensive experience in threat detection, change detection, and analyzing third-party activities. Our AI-powered pipeline monitoring software, operational since 2021, continuously evolves to meet client needs

Users and their needs

The key customer segments targeted by the monitoring system are companies and organizations directly impacted by humanitarian crises or providing support: 

  • Critical infrastructure operators (private and public).

  • Government bodies and state-owned companies.

  • Organizations and institutions seeking information on critical infrastructure.

Among core needs of the customers are:

  • Detecting and assessing changes and damages in complex and high-risk environments, including conflict zones, occupied/inaccessible territories, and no-flight zones.

  • Rapid civilian response after military action or natural disasters 

  • Safety for staff and transport/equipment during monitoring.

  • Cost-effective monitoring.

  • Quick monitoring of large territories.

  • High-frequency monitoring option.

  • Preliminary assessment of area safety.

The potential customer organisations involved into this feasibility study are companies located in Ukraine.

Service/ system concept

SuperVision Infrastructure utilises advanced AI, satellite earth observation methods for comprehensive monitoring of civilian critical infrastructure around the world. This study, which has just been launched, focuses on Ukraine and addresses the urgent need for infrastructure monitoring and risk assessment for the region's vulnerable critical infrastructure. The automated software solution integrates the analysis of optical and radar data into an intuitive web GIS platform, enabling precise change detection, object identification and risk assessment. By providing near-real-time, high-resolution insights, SuperVision Infrastructure improves safety and operational efficiency in challenging environments such as war zones and disaster areas.

Image credit: SuperVision Earth GmbH

Space Added Value

SuperVision Infrastructure technology incorporates space assets, utilizing optical and SAR satellite imagery as a vital data source for the monitoring system. By analyzing the captured images, automated monitoring system’s operators gain valuable insights into detected events, including changes, third-party interference, and the presence of unknown or unidentified objects in near-real-time mode.

The integration of satellite remote sensing data enables to achieve the following objectives: Scalable Monitoring, Increased Monitoring Frequency, Verification and Validation of Results, and Optimized Resource Utilization.

Current Status

First phase: Initial satellite data analysis according to the Areas of Interest (AoI) provided by the participating companies.

Status Date

Updated: 21 June 2024