Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

  1. Who can apply to ASPIRE WITH ESA? ASPIRE WITH ESA targets Small and Medium enterprises willing to bring innovation using space technologies into market. Any SME from the Member States supporting both ESA Space Solutions and ASPIRE WITH ESA can apply, currently: Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Poland, Romania, Sweden and the United Kingdom.
  2. Do I need support from my National Delegation? Yes. ASPIRE WITH ESA is part of ESA Space Solutions, and like its other funding mechanisms, a letter of support from the National Delegation is mandatory. To make this easier, ASPIRE WITH ESA asks you to submit a pitch prior to your proposal. Those enterprises whose pitch is accepted by National Delegations will be requested to submit a full proposal.
  3. How do I submit my pitch? Electronically, through the pitch submission tool. You are required to fill a simple questionnaire, upload your pitch deck following the guidelines you will find there, as well as a pitching video.
  4. Can I be called to pitch? Yes, although the video pitch is intended to avoid this from happening. If so, you will be contacted to pitch between 22 and 26 March 2021.
  5. I did not submit a pitch. Can I still submit a proposal? No. The application process includes the pitch as a step to gain the support from the National Delegations. If you did not submit a pitch, your proposal will be disqualified for this round.
  6. What does ASPIRE WITH ESA accept as co-financing? Your proposal has to demonstrate you can match the funding requested to ESA. We accept any source of private funding as well as your own capital reserves or profit. We cannot accept public grants as sources of co-financing. 
  7. What comes after ASPIRE WITH ESA? ASPIRE WITH ESA is designed as an easy entry point to ESA’s financing mechanisms for all those SME’s not familiar with the way the Agency works. If your innovation makes technicalsense and you prove you can deliver Social and Economic Impact, we will be happy to discuss with you further funding opportunities under ESA Space Solutions.
  8. Can I submit my proposal as a word or pdf document? No. You have to submit your proposal using the application form enabled for that purpose. You will have to fill there the requested information, as well as uploading your National Delegation’s Letter of Authorisation (see 2.)
  9. I submitted a pitch. When will I hear if I can go ahead with the proposal? We will contact you between 29 and 31 March 2021 with instructions on how to submit your proposal.
  10. I submitted my proposal. When will I hear from you? Our commitment to you is to answer all applicants within 8 weeks after closing the call, independently of the result.
  11. I am already working with ESA in another project. Can I apply to ASPIRE WITH ESA? Yes, provided your proposal is not duplicating / overlapping with your existing project, your proposal is within the scope of ASPIRE WITH ESA and you can demonstrate you can co-finance according to ASPIRE WITH ESA rules.
  12. What will be the ASPIRE WITH ESA Agreement (contract) duration? Should you be successful, ESA will enter in agreement with you for 9 months.
  13. I have another question on ASPIRE WITH ESA. How do I pass it onto you? Simply write to us at and we will answer it. Please, be aware that to ensure fairness, we will publish your question anonymously together with the answer for everyone in this F.A.Q. list under “received questions” below.

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