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Task Force for Smart and Green Cities


Inaugural Task Force for Smart and Green Cities meeting, Italy, September 2023

The Space for Smart and Green Cities Task Force launched in Rome in 2023. It has a strong implementation focus and aims to develop and deliver innovative projects, trials of technologies and user-driven solutions in the smart cities arena.  
The Task Force will also highlight the socio-economic and environmental advantages of smart and green cities for both users and associated industry.

The number of Task Force members continues to grow as cities join ESA’s mission to support sustainable urban development through the use of space technologies. The Task Force’s key objectives are:

  • To leverage the use of space applications for advancing sustainable innovative services addressing the smart cities ecosystem and supporting the growth of a sustainable green economy
  • To generate green and economic impact for the cities by collaborating with the cities’ stakeholders
  • To offer a match-making platform to share results of ESA-backed initiatives which could be piloted with the cities
  • Together, the Task Force looks at the collective and individual needs of our evolving urban landscapes to agree short and long term priorities. From this, a series of funding opportunities are defined together to create a framework for the development of innovative and sustainable projects for smarter and greener cities.


The benefits of bringing a wide range of city authorities together are manifold. As well as identifying collective challenges, the Task Force is also able to facilitate innovation for specific individual challenges. As work continues the benefits for cities include:

  • Increased resilience against environmental and other risks
  • More sustainable socio-economic growth with a tangible impact
  • Support for environmentally-responsible developments 
  • Support for companies to increase awareness and scale their solution according to the needs of cities


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The Task Force for Smart and Green Cities comprises representatives from city authorities and municipal bodies around the world. From town planners and environmentalists to transport managers and legislators, whatever your challenges are we would like to hear from you.

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    Our partners in the Task Force

    The Task Force has a growing number of members in Europe, with more expected to sign in the coming months. Discussions are also underway with cities in the USA and the Middle East, as ESA BASS supports projects and innovation with a global impact. 

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