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Green Buildings Services

  • Activity Feasibility Study
  • Opening date 17-02-2020
  • Closing date 27-05-2020

***Closing date has been extended to 27 May***


Green buildings are structures that have an environmentally responsible and resource-efficient life cycle, from design to construction, operation to maintenance, and renovation to deconstruction.  

The European Space Agency’s “Green Buildings” opportunity offers support and funding to companies looking to develop services for sustainable built environments that can benefit from using space-based data. This opportunity enables companies to carry out in-depth analyses on the technical feasibility and economic viability of applications across a range of themes.


  • Monitoring a building’s energy consumption and environmental impact
  • Using sensors and smart monitoring technologies to anticipate problems (natural hazards, land deformation)
  • Analysing a buildings’ surrounding natural (sun, soil, wind, water) and built (roads, local transportation) environment.
  • 3D and offsite construction 
  • Retrofitting existing buildings to improve energy efficiency, reduce operational costs, and lessen negative environmental impacts. 
  • Determining a “go-to” renovation strategy (natural ventilation, renewable energy, smart grid applications)
  • Planning ‘green’ neighbourhoods, which use green technology and recycling practices to preserve the environment and improve public health and safety.   


Satellite Earth Observation (EO) data can be used to:

  • Monitor and manage natural resources to assist in the site selection, design and operation of green buildings. Examples include mapping vulnerabilities like land deformation and landslides, identifying brownfields to build on, and positioning buildings to maximise natural ventilation. 
  • Map thermally inefficient buildings for renovation.
  • Monitor air quality in neighbourhoods.
  • Forecast energy production of renewable sources.

Satellite Navigation (SatNav) data can be used to:

  • Guide UAVs taking thermal images for bad conductivity.
  • Geo-reference data from in-situ sensors and dedicated devices in order to support geospatial processing. 
  • SatNav also enables both tracking and timing services, which are fundamental in tracing the location of people and assets.

Satellite Communication (SatCom) data can be used to: 

  • Enable IoT like smart grid applications. 
  • Enable machine health applications at construction sites. 


ESA Space Solutions can provide funding for assessing business and technical feasibility of new, space-based services related to Green Buildings. The activities will be 100% funded up to €200K per activity.


We look for teams that have identified an attractive market opportunity with real potential to engage customers. Motivation, business experience and domain expertise are all important features. We want to hear about your ideas that involve utilisation of either space technology or space data. 

For this call, companies residing in the following Member States will be eligible to apply: Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.

The applicable funding level of the individual prime - or subcontractors is subject to authorisation by the involved National Delegation(s). Therefore, bidding teams are requested to obtain a Letter of Authorisation from all the respective national delegations before submitting the Proposal.

ESA Tender Information 

Responding to an open competitive Invitation to Tender (ITT) requires the submission of a Proposal. The Proposal will be evaluated according to ESA regulations and procedures.

The consequential evaluation of proposals results in a recommendation for a winning bid. In the case that several proposals of good quality targeting different and/or complementary aspects are submitted, the Agency reserves the right to place parallel contracts for each of the open competitive ITTs in coordination with the relevant national delegations.

For the fully detailed Proposal Guide on competitive ITTs click: Open Competition.

Registration as Bidder

The Prime and all subcontractors must register as potential bidders via esa-star, prior to downloading the official tender documents from EMITS (which will be available as soon as the ITT is open) and submitting their Proposal. The registration process needs to be started as soon as possible, as it will take time to complete.