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Services supporting Critical Infrastructure

The European Space Agency’s services to support resilient & sustainable critical infrastructure opportunity offers support and funding to companies looking to carry out an in-depth analysis on the technical feasibility and economic viability of services to reduce the vulnerability of critical infrastructures and for making such infrastructure more “green”.

The feasibility study will be supported by SatCen (the European Union Satellite Centre), UNICRI (United Nation Interregional Crime and Justice Research Institute) and OSCE (Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe). These organizations as representatives of the user community can provide requirements useful to define the system and service specifications

Examples of Critical Infrastructures

Examples of critical infrastructures include:

  • Drinkable water
  • Supplies
  • Emergency services
  • Food and agriculture
  • Financial services
  • Waste and wastewater systems
  • Government facilities
  • Dams
  • Harbours
  • Transportation systems
  • Information technology 

How to Apply

  1. Register by completing online questionnaire on ESA-STAR Registration (minimum ‘light registration’)

  2. Download the official tender documentation (Invitation to Tender) and create ‘Bidder Restricted Area’ via EMITS ‘AO 9189’

  3. Write your proposal and obtain Letter of Support from National Delegation

  4. Submit your proposal via ESA-STAR Tendering by 14th May 2018 13:00 CET

What are we looking for?

Ideas for commercial services empowered by space developing systems that will reduce the vulnerability of critical infrastructures. We consider three key factors:

  • Team
  • Market potential
  • Space application*

*The service you intend to develop must be using on Earth a technology developed initially for Space like Satellite Earth Observation, Satellite Navigation, Satellite Communications, Spaceflight Technologies, Space Weather.

Key Focus Area

  • Smart Infrastructures & Urban Planning

  • City analytics
  • Sustainable Cities & Living

  • Smart Security

  • Smart Utilities

  • Big-Data analytics

  • Image-recognition algorithms

  • IoT & 5G

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Machine Learning (ML)

  • Blockchain

  • Cloud Data Privacy

What we offer

We offer funding and support to companies for business case assessment and development of new space empowered services for reducing the vulnerability of Critical Infrastructures.

  • Zero-equity fully funded activities up to €250K per project

  • Technical & commercial guidance

  • Access to our network and partners

  • Use of the ESA brand for your service

The Value of Space in Critical Infrastructure

Space technologies play an important role in supporting terrestrial services in order to increase the resilience of CI without impacting the environment. 

Satellite Earth Observation (SatEO)

Satellite Earth observation data can:

  • Enhance situational awareness by providing high/med resolution images.

  • Allow changes to be highlighted through time-series imaging

  • Provide wide coverage for monitoring large assets

  • Enable non-intrusive monitoring services

Satellite Navigation (SatNav)

SatNav provides accurate Position, Navigation and Timing (PNT) which is necessary for the functioning of many critical infrastructure sectors. 

SatNav also enables:

  •  tracking service which are fundamental to know where people and assets are located,

  •  geo-tagging service of sample which are collected, stamped and sent to elaboration center.

SatNav is also required for Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAs) operations. RPAs can be used as complementary solution for monitoring purposes to fill the gap between space-borne acquisitions and when a higher spatial resolution is required.

Satellite Communications (SatCom)

Satellite communications provide a means to communicate with the coordinating centre to and from remote locations where there is no terrestrial network. In case of network failures or cyber-attacks targeting terrestrial communication, SatCom is an effective means to increase communication network robustness and communication resilience.


Do you have any question on how to apply? Or on how space contributes to Critical Infrastuctures?

You can download the webinar presentation below (make sure you're registered to our website - top of the page) or rewatch the video here.