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Ambassador Platform for Dual-Use Space-based Services (APDUSS)

APDUSS LogoIAP is pleased to announce the start-up of the Ambassador Platform for Dual-Use Space-based Services (APDUSS). The Ambassador Platform will be managed by the Office of the Advisor for Aerospace Activities in the Italian Ministry of Defence. The main objective will be to assist the IAP programme in spreading awareness for potential stakeholders in ESA’s IAP programme in the field of dual-use.

The APDUSS platform will address simultaneously the needs of Civilian and Defence users. Integrated space-based services will be explored for fulfilling the goal of dual use, for example, in support of telemedicine and marine safety and security.
The inauguration workshop for the APDUSS platform will take place on 1st February 2012 in the Centre for High Defence Studies (CASD), in Rome.

For more details, please contact:

Massimo Cavaliere
Tel: 0039 348 736 1322

A dedicated community portal will soon be launched to support the activity of the APDUSS platform.

02 December 2011
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