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Ambassador Platform for the Dual-Use of Space-based Services (APDUSS) - Portal is now online

The Ambassador Platform for Dual-Use Space-based Services (APDUSS) will be a gateway for stakeholders who are interested in potential services which fulfil the various needs of Defence and Civilian Users.

Hosted by the Office of the Advisor for Aerospace Activities Italian Ministry of Defence in Rome, it contains news stories and announcements of events, provides an archive of recent and on-going IAP initiatives and makes available useful documents. Community portals are intended to be a communication platform and promotional tool for IAP activities (studies, projects, opportunities, etc.) related to the subject.

Exemplary focus areas include:

Telemedicine in prisons and refugee centres:

Space satellites can provide a quick link between patients and doctors. They can be used to ensure medical treatments even during emergency situations, in remote geographical areas and in prisons.

Vessel Traffic Monitoring:

Through the combined use of the information already available, stakeholders such as harbour authorities and coastguards will get a more complete picture of maritime traffic moving along shipping lanes and between ports right around the globe. Satellite-AIS (Automatic Identification System) together with coastal AIS and LRIT (Long Range Identification and Tracking of ships) will become a complementary source of ship information usable by the user communities.

Please click here to visit the APDUSS Portal. It offers public and private interactive services, such as discussion and document exchange tools.

By registering to this portal, one can download documents such as reports and presentations, as well as participate in discussions with other members. Moreover, registered users are able to post public and private articles.

11 January 2012
Last updated at 28 July 2014 - 13:28