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Ascend XYZ flying high

Ascend XYZ completed AMMO Project in May 2017 as part of ESA Business Applications programme, since then Ascend XYZ has grown its customer base and revenue by 200%. Ascend XYZ provides innovative software solutions for airport safety management around the globe and it is powered by Space.



Aalborg Airport is the third largest airport in Denmark and managed lower bird strikes by 50% while gainfully protecting wildlife (Wildlife Recording App). They have been the first customer of Ascend XYZ during AMMO Project with. Airport Quality Manager Thomas Hugo Møller says in his blogpost: "By using data to understand wildlife behaviour and implementing new active measures Aalborg Airport (Denmark) has reduced bird strikes by one half in one year. Aalborg Airport is a growing civil and military airport in the northern part of Denmark. Situated close to the water, with large meadows and huge areas with flooded pastures in the immediate surroundings managing wildlife is a challenge. Add a rapidly growing Barnacle goose population and you have a problem.

So, what were we to do? 

We started by implementing a strict digital recording of all wildlife movements in the area. This lead to a better understanding of the bird behaviour. Due to the digital recording, we were able to map where and when our high-risk species were present, and to track their local migration patterns."

04 October 2018
Last updated at 25 October 2018 - 11:03