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Challenges for Intermodal Freight Transport through Liverpool Port targeted

The optimisation of freight transport through ports holds interesting challenges for solutions utilising the added value of satellites. Addressing the challenges of freight operators such as the reduction of delays, optimisation of traffic management, and exchange of information have been priority topics at a workshop held in Liverpool on December 15th, 2011, as part of a recently started ESA IAP activity addressing the subject.

The workshop was attended by representatives of the port community of Liverpool including Mersey Maritime, The Mersey Partnership, Peel Ports, JMD Haulage, and Atlantic Container Lines, and representatives from the project teams and ESA.

Liverpool Workshop Photo

Following the award of two parallel projects for this activity, representatives from both teams, one led by AIMES and the other by GMV, were given the opportunity to directly discuss the top priority needs and challenges with the users. These needs and challenges will serve as input for specification of an integrated solution and associated services supporting the optimisation of freight transport through ports and meeting the priorities of the port community.

In support of a solution which can be deployed in more international ports, both project teams will also engage with other users and stakeholders in the near future. Furthermore, The Mersey Partnership, Mersey Maritime and users present at the meeting will further engage with users and stakeholders in the Liverpool area and their international partners.

The workshop has provided both teams with an excellent start to identify innovative and sustainable services addressing freight transport through ports and utilising space assets to realise this.

The team led by GMV (ES) further includes Teirlog (ES), BAE (UK), Brimatech (AU) and TeleConsult (AU). The consortium led by AIMES (UK) further consists of Containerport (UK), Avanti (UK), DMCii (UK) and ISL (D).

10 January 2012
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