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ESA BIC Madrid gets the attention of Airbus

Enrique Medina (CEO) and Héctor Puago (CTO) started their company CEDRION in February 2017. The pair developed a new technology cooling electronics which was superior to current technologies – lightweight and without moving parts. Passionate about developing this technology they presented the project to the ESA BIC Community of Madrid and were selected. 

Left: Enrique Medina, CEO of CEDRION with Nuria Hernandez Alfageme, ESA Technology Transfer Officer and Country Manager for Spain (Image credit: CEDRION)

The technical support mentoring by the ESA electronics laboratory enabled them to create a CEDRION converter, which increases the performance of commercial systems from 50% to more than 96% - at almost a tenth of the cost.

CEDRION’s devices are based on the Corona effect which they use to generate plasma at room temperature and direct a fluid. The technology was patented in 2018 and extended to PCT (Patent Cooperation Treaty) in April 2019. Atmospheric plasma or cold plasma is one of the most promising technologies in fields as diverse as aerodynamics, antimicrobial resistance or cancer treatment.

Airbus adopt the cool technology

CEDRION use this technology to cool drone electronics, engines and internal electronics – technology which has now been adopted by the Airbus BizLab (the Aerospace Accelerator) for aeronautical systems, assisting in the concept and development of electric (and therefore less polluting) aircraft. 

“As the aerospace market grows one of the biggest challenges is to reduce dependence on fossil fuels. Our technology will help to achieve the dream of zero-emission aircraft. It is really an achievement to have attracted the  attention of Airbus… for a start-up with an aerospace vocation they are the main company.”  Enrique Medina, CEO CEDRION

CEDRION participated in the ESA BIC Community of Madrid programme because they had a strong belief that their project was in line with the level of quality needed to qualify for incubation. “We were looking for both technological and business support – and the result has been enormously satisfying,” says Enrique.  

When asked what his advice would be to other start-ups he says “Seize the opportunity!  This program is one of the best in the sector and is definitely worth the preparation. Even if you are not selected, the feedback will give invaluable insights into your business model.”

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20 November 2019
Last updated at 13 December 2019 - 16:20