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Expertise shared at the Joint EIB and ESA Space for Med launch conference

Space for Med conference

More than 60 high-level representatives of satellite-based industries and experts shared knowledge, experiences and needs in view of bridging the digital divide at the launch conference of the Space for Med initiative on 23 November.

The conference took place in Barcelona during the Mediterranean Week of Economic Leaders. Space For Med is led by the European Investment Bank (EIB), ESA and receives support from Luxinnovation, Luxembourg's Research and Innovation Agency.

A working session chaired by EIB and ESA produced promising results. Panellists had the opportunity to explore the satellite-based services promoted under the initiative with a view of taking them further.

Private sector participants agreed that space technologies could play a crucial role in economic development of the Mediterranean partner countries by driving innovative interventions in critical infrastructure sectors.

In a separate session, two new studies were presented. The EIB study on "Broadband Access for Mediterranean Partner Countries" and  the ESA study entitled "Evaluation of Satellite Solutions for Fast Deployment" assessed how broadband Internet services can be developed throughout the region.

The Space for Med initiative intends to develop spaced-based services in three key sectors: i) water management, ii) energy and renewable energies and iii) transport and logistics in the Mediterranean region.

The anticipated outcome of the initiative will see innovative responses for the continued development of these sectors, and potential concrete implementation in large infrastructure projects typically funded by the EIB.

The Space for Med Initiative agreement between ESA and the EIB was signed at ESA headquarters in Paris on 10 Sep, 2012.

Presentations given at the launch conference are available for download to registered users of the SpaceForMed website. Visit

06 December 2012
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