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FT's Investing in Space Summit

ESA is partnering with the Financial Times (FT) to explore the opportunities for Investing in Space

As the space economy evolves, what are the practical steps to successful investment in this new asset class? How do you evaluate space businesses and determine the risks and potential ROI? Will the upward investment trajectory continue? How does space align with ESG strategies and fit into existing portfolios? How might escalating geopolitical conflict increase public sector investment in space technologies?

FT's Investing in Space summit will bring together government agencies, investors, and technology companies to explore how the commercial space business is maturing and the extent to which it is providing fertile ground or sustainable investment. Leveraging the convening power of the FT, and through expert moderation, the event will provide an update on the latest technology, insight on investment opportunities, and analysis of the future of space as a new asset class.

The first day (June 8th) will be a virtual programme, and the second day (June 9th) will bring speakers, delegates and partners together in-person in London.

Please see here for more information and registration. 

Some of the topics that will be presented are as follows:  

  • Will the current investment boom continue? With historically high rates of failure and few companies attracting revenues, let alone making profits, the business of space is not without risk. But with high risk, comes the potential for high rewards.
  • How can public-private collaboration provide a new framework for growth? A robust space sector is dependent on policies and mechanisms that support and de-risk investment; in light of this, public-private collaboration will be key in enabling the next generation of space innovation.
  • Spotlight on the US - Fuelling the space economy The maturity of the US space economy is far ahead of the rest of the world. Will government support and investment frameworks continue to provide fertile conditions for investment and innovation?
  • The Investor's Perspective As space activity increases, a growing number of potential investors are considering the options for successful involvement in this new asset class.
  • Taking European Space to the next-level: ESA Agenda 2025. Keynote by ESA Director General, Josef Aschabacher.
  • How can investment in space support sustainability goals on Earth? New space technologies are offering innovative solutions to tackle the climate crisis here on earth. However emerging technologies must be supported with robust regulatory framework which ensures a safe and sustainable future for space that crucially protects planet Earth. Panellists include ESA Director General, Josef Aschabacher.
  • Space Governance: How can we ensure space is secure, safe and sustainable? With the private sector taking an increasingly prominent role in shaping the future of the space economy- who is really setting the rules for space?
  • Investing in space as an enabler of sustainable industrial growth. From automotive to pharmaceutical, a host of industries which were not previously active in the space arena, are pursuing new investment opportunities.
  • Investing in talent and skills for the future space economy. With escalating demand for both technical and non-technical expertise, the skills gap continues to widen. Public-private collaboration will be key to enable the next generation of skills for the space economy.
  • How can SMEs secure the financing to achieve commercial viability? This session will bring together the perspectives from Venture Capital, SMEs and accelerators as they discuss funding and experiences and achieving commercial viability.
  • What new innovations are over the horizon? How will the shift be made from science fiction to reality when considering new innovations such as space-based solar power, robotic manufacturing and lunar habitats?
  • Space Innovation Showcase. This session will convene the next-generation of space trailblazers who will showcase their innovations in a series of 5 min elevator pitches. Moderated by ESA's Frank Salzgeber, Head of Innovation and Ventures Office.
27 May 2022
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