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HealthTec Call for Proposals

The UK’s Science and Technology Facilities Council has issued a call for Proof of Concept proposals, focused on collaborative projects within the Life Sciences and HealthTec fields. The call is designed to stimulate cross-sector engagement with the HealthTec Cluster at Harwell Campus, which includes organisations working in Life Sciences, Physical Sciences and Space.

This follows a successful first call last year, which led to the funding of a dozen collaborative studies involving a wide range of HealthTec topics and partnerships.

Up to £20k funding is available per project and proposals should involve at least one partner from the HealthTec cluster as co-applicants. Match funding by industrial partners is required, which may be in-kind. Harwell HealthTec partners can also contribute access to some of the unique combination of facilities, resources and expertise available on the Campus.

The underlying aim is to help position the successful project teams to bid for larger funding opportunities within other programmes (including those of ESA) and thereby accelerate the pace of innovation in the selected areas.

Examples relevant to the space sector include environmental monitoring, telemedicine, disease vector mapping, patient tracking, wearable Tec, healthcare for the ageing population and emergency services support.   

Applications may be submitted up to 8 January 2018.

For more details please see the link below

05 December 2017
Last updated at 05 December 2017 - 14:51