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IAP Call for User Ideas on the Alpine Region

Alpine Region - Call for User Ideas

The Integrated Applications Promotion (IAP) programme of the European Space Agency (ESA)  is inviting public and commercial organisations to propose ideas and suggestions for new services in the Alpine area. The aim is to generate ideas leading to new services that will improve business performance and operations, and help enforce new regulatory standards (for instance on environmental protection).


The ideas will be used to help define and consolidate requirements for user-driven services supported through the IAP.

Themes that it is intended to cover in this Call for User Ideas include (but are not restricted to):

  • Transport (public and private).
  • Tourism (e.g. search and rescue, telemedicine, safety).
  • Energy (e.g. hydropower, wind energy, solar energy).
  • Environmental Monitoring (e.g. pollution, natural hazards, biodiversity protection).
  • Any other promising topic.

The ideas submitted will be used to help define and consolidate requirements of IAP projects which are planned to start in 2012.

Full details of the Call and on how to submit your ideas can be found on the IAP portal at: /opportunities/iap/alpine-call-for-user-ideas.

Your ideas and suggestions should reach us by 22nd May 2011.

28 March 2011
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