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Opportunities with ESA for the Finnish telecommunication industry

A half-day ARTES workshop was organised in Espoo, Finland on May 8th . The event focused on ARTES 3-4 and 5 programmes and was the first of its kind in Finland, bringing the Finnish telecommunication community together in order to explore and discuss the potentials for doing business with ESA. The main industry from this field was present, and the networking was lively and fruitful.

The workshop was hosted by VTT and co-organised from the Ambassador Platform Finland and Tekes (national delegation). Close to 30 delegates attended the workshop, of which 4 came from ESA. The participants came from the industry; only VTT represented the research community.

After the opening speech, ESA delegates gave 5 presentations on Satcom Market, Partnership Opportunities, ARTES Products and Applications and Newcomers Initiative. These were followed by two presentations about the experience of working with ESA.

The workshop was followed by one-to-one meetings in the afternoon. The meetings were organised in two parallel sessions between ESA delegates and Finnish industry. All 9 companies signed up for the meetings and most of them for both sessions. The company feedback regarded these one-to-one meetings as top priority.

The event initiated various user ideas and project proposals. These will be followed-up by further discussions. The ARTES 3-4 SATCOM-APPS Newcomers Initiative will also be given extra attention and promotion to attract newcomers from Finnish SMEs.


The presentations from the workshop are available for download at: Dropbox (zipped file, 16.85 MB).

14 May 2014
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