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Outline Proposal Development Tool for ARTES Applications

To apply to the ARTES Applications programmes, it is mandatory that bidders submit an Outline Proposal before submitting a Full Proposal as a means for the bidder to initiate a dialogue with the ESA ARTES Applications Programme Office on the content of the planned activity. This approach allows for clarification of the eligibility of the proposed idea, as well as allowing for early feedback on the content of the technical and business parts before the bidder starts preparation of the Full Proposal.

The Outline Proposal needs to provide the following information:Modules of the Outline Proposal Development Tool for ARTES Applications

  1. System/Service Overview
  2. Major Project Stakeholders
  3. Service Value Chain
  4. Competitive Positioning
  5. Market Analysis
  6. Financial Indicators
  7. User Requirements
  8. System/Service Architecture
  9. Implementation Approach
  10. Pilot Service
  11. Finance, Management & Administrative (FMA)

The Outline Proposal Development Tool has been designed to help preparing these topics. There are specific tools and templates for each topic, along with step-by-step guidance on how to write each section of the Outline Proposal. Eleven modules assist the proposal author by addressing a specific section of the Outline Proposal document. Inside each module can be found tutorials, tools, worksheets, tips and techniques for preparing the Outline Proposal.

Bidders are encouraged to work through each module to gain maximum value, but may also select only those modules of specific interest.

The Outline Proposal Development Tool is online on the ESA Telecom website, and is accessible via the URLs: for ARTES IAP Demonstration Projects for ARTES Satcom Applications Projects

Access is granted to users who registered at the ESA ARTES website. New users can register here.

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19 February 2014
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