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Water scarcity is a global problem, which affects citizens, governments, industries and agricultural stakeholders. Population growth, changing lifestyle patterns, rapid urbanization and industrialization, as well as climate change, place unprecedented pressure on limited water supplies. Consequences of water scarcity are: crop loss, declining amounts of drinking water, shortage of water input for the food and beverage sector. 

Governments and industries struggle to determine how to effectively manage water resources. Accurate and reliable data is key for water management. 

360blue is an information and software suite to determine water related risks, support optimization of water management, and asses water footprints. 360blue uses Internet of Things (IoT) sensor data, satellite imagery, and open access data sources to deliver insights into water usage, water availability, water quality, and water footprints. 

The 360blue suite provides tailored information to our customers through an intuitive web portal. 

Users and their needs

360blue is developed for:

  • Private companies in the food & beverage, mining, construction and agricultural industries
  • (Hydro) engineering consultancy companies, telecom & IoT service providers
  • (Local) governments, environmental agencies, waterboards, utilities

 The main user needs are:

  • Accurate and dynamic information for water management
  • A cost effective solution to get an overview of the available water resources in an area (e.g. catchment area).
  • Current and future water risks in an area.
  • A platform to which multiple stakeholders have access to share information and generate common policies related to water management. 

Service/ system concept

360blue has the following characteristics:

  • Accurate and dynamic information for water management
  • Integration of multiple data sources: satellite-based information, ground sensors (IoT) and open data sources
  • Integration of historical (since 1984) and current data to provide trend analysis and alerts
  • A dashboard that turns complex data into valuable insights
  • Customized to the specific needs of the users
  • 360blue can be deployed for any region worldwide
  • All information can be accessed through an easy to use online portal

360blue allows users to measure quantitative and qualitative aspects of water and enables an integrated water resource management service. By continuously measuring relevant parameters of water, organisations can monitor risks and optimise water management. Below, we provide an example dashboard of 360blue. The dashboard is adapted based on specific customer needs. 

Space Added Value

Satellite Earth observation

Satellite Earth observation assets enable frequent monitoring of areas globally. With optical and radar data, we can measure water bodies, changes in vegetation, ground structures, environmental effects caused by water level changes, effects of droughts, and effects of floods. 

Satellite communications and Internet of Things

Sensors in remote places can be connected using satellite communication. 360blue is compatible with multiple satellite communication networks. 

Integrating satellite Earth observation, Internet of Things data and other geo-information sources into meaningful water risk indicators is one of the key capabilities of 360blue.

Current Status

An IAP demonstration project is currently being implemented. 

Status Date

Updated: 22 February 2019 - Created: 22 February 2019