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Objectives of the service

Image credit: ECUBIT SPA Project :5SEnSES

Some problems about extraction site monitoring remain unsolved by the implementation of the national guidelines, with the consequent possible damage:

  • Absence of real-time monitoring. To date, satellite data is collected every 6 months.

  • Lack of a predictive estimate of the magnitude of a possible earthquake, both natural and induced in the areas of interest.

  • As regard to the decisions to be taken on the basis of the results of the monitoring, a traffic light system is currently in place

  • Data analysis and integration takes a long time and the involvement of a large number of experienced professionals, both for the mining companies and for Controller Institutions.

With the use of 5SenSES the previous points are mitigated as following:

  • The availability of real-time monitoring:

  • The predictive estimation of the magnitude of a possible earthquake, both natural and induced in the areas of interest. 

  • The possibility of analysing in an integrated way the data coming from the three networks (seismic, satellite and terrestrial) in a correlated way allow the drastic reduction of false alarms and risk analysis personalized per specific site. 

  • A decision support system optimized for each area of interest with reduction in the commitment of human resources.

Users and their needs

The key customer segments targeted by our service/product are:

  • B2B Segment: private corporations within the oil and gas sector, geothermal companies, and mining companies. 

  • B2G Segment: public entities such as public oil and gas companies, geothermal companies, mining companies, and infrastructure suppliers. 

  • Scientific Community: Our solutions also appeal to academic and research institutions that study earthquakes and induced seismicity, such as universities and research institutes.

The user involved in the pilot activities is TotalEnergies, which represents the main customer segment.
TotalEnergies has expressed the following user needs: 

  • Real-Time Monitoring and Reporting

  • Comprehensive Data Integration

  • Allert and Decision Support

  • Efficient Compliance with Monitoring MISE Guidelines

  • Predictive Analysis for Compliance Planning

  • Streamlined Characterization of Survey Domains

  • Reduction of Environmental Impact and Leaks

  • Continuous Improvement and Compliance Updates

For the first year of activity following the end of the project, the target market is the Italian one, with the desire to address the French market and the Dutch market, where the issue of environmental impact is particularly felt.

Service/ system concept

Through our service, customers will gain access to a dynamic dashboard where a wealth of real-time and historical information will be presented. Here are the key information attributes and their characteristics:

  • Seismic Activity: The seismic activity in the area of interest, as defined by the guidelines of MISE (Ministry of Economic Development).

  • Ground Deformation: 3D maps showing ground displacement in millimetres over time, obtained through satellite data processing.

  • Pore Pressure Parameter Values: The service will furnish users with pore pressure parameter values. 

  • Correlation Indices: Correlation indices will be calculated and presented, providing a crucial analytical tool.

  • Maximum Possible Magnitude earthquake Probability Map: 

  • Seismic Activity Anomaly Alerts: The system will generate alerts in the event of anomalies detected in seismic activity when compared to historical data. 

  • Ground Deformation Anomaly Alerts: Similarly, alerts will be issued if anomalies are detected in ground deformation compared to historical values. 

  • Correlation Parameter Anomaly Alerts: Alerts will be generated if anomalies are detected in the correlation parameters between seismic activity, ground deformations and pore pressure. 

  • Risk Analysis Matrix Implementing the Continuous Measurement of Effectiveness Model.

  • Historical Data: To facilitate in-depth analysis and comparisons, a complete historical record of all the aforementioned information contributions will be accessible. 

The following figure shows the functional high-level architecture. 

Image credit: ECUBIT SPA, Project: 5SEnSES

Space Added Value

The space technology that 5SENSES plans to leverage include Satellite Earth Observation data and Satellite Navigation data/services, specifically: SAR imaging and GPS. The rationale behind using these space assets is to provide accurate and reliable information on Earth's surface movements. Through the incorporation of satellite data with seismic waveforms, coupled with the application of cutting-edge machine learning algorithms, we can perform a quantitative assessment of seismic activities and anti-seismic processes. By employing state-of-the-art machine learning scripts 5SEnSES can autonomously monitor faults and landslides. 5SEnSES can fully autonomously detect the surface effects of tectonic processes from satellite data. Moreover, the seismometer data can be utilized to extract more comprehensive information about earthquakes, either naturally occurring or induced by human activities.

There are companies specialized in individual monitoring systems that can potentially be considered as competitors, given the significant market demand for increasingly integrated and smart solutions. The added value of 5SEnSES compared to competitors who do not use the space asset lies in its ability to correlate real-time information from the satellite network with terrestrial data, thereby providing actual information on the relationship between seismic activity, soil deformation, and well pore pressure. The latter parameter is directly linked to well productivity and risk analysis.

Current Status

The project commenced on September 23, 2023, and reached its first milestone (BDR) on December 13, 2023.

Status Date

Updated: 19 December 2023