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Accurate Solution for SUrface movements with tRusted E‐signature

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  • THEMATIC AREAInfrastructure & Smart Cities, Safety & Security, Environment, Wildlife and Natural Resources

Objectives of the service

ASSURE implements a GNSS-based device for static monitoring application and with SatCom capabilities for service continuity, integrated with blockchain services.

In view of the MIT decree, rise up a need that actually is unsatisfied: a monitoring infrastructures device at affordable price and the reliability of acquired data. The devices available in the market are expensive and not ensure the immutability of data. ASSURE would target the market of monitoring systems by offering a competitive product with the added values of service continuity through SatCom (as well as continuity of the blockchain service), an easier installation procedure and the certification of data through use of blockchain technology.

ASSURE has the main objective to provide to highway authorities an innovative product/service to answer to the previous issued problems, by integrating into DEDALOS SAT the blockchain technology to solve them.

Users and their needs

Spaceexe has directly involved SIPAL as monitoring service provided of transport critical infrastructures. Specifically SIPAL covers this role for the SPV Spa: the Pedemontana Veneta Freeway authority.

More generically ASSURE customers/users are:

  • critical infrastructures owners (e.g. MIT, ENI, ENEL),
  • critical infrastructures managing authorities (e.g. SPV, Autostrade),
  • Insurance and re-insurance companies (e.g. Groupama, SCOR), subjects specialized in GNSS data interpretation (e.g. INGV, EUCENTRE)
  • engineering companies providing monitoring services (e.g. SIPAL, RINA Consulting).

User needs:

  • continuous monitoring
  • data tampering prevention
  • certifying data with a certified dispositive

ensure blockchain service continuity through SatCom

Countries of the targeted users: Italy 

Service/ system concept

Spaceexe developed the DEDALOS system that has been designed to bring to market a low-cost, lightweight and low energy consumption IoT solution for deformation monitoring and early-warning of hazards induced by geophysical phenomena or by man-made activities. DEDALOS sensors are composed of a single-frequency GNSS receiver and an antenna, a power supply based on a photovoltaic panel, and an 868 MHz wireless interface that transmits GNSS and telemetry data. The sensors form a mesh network, which is capable of delivering the data to a gateway node equipped with a 2G/3G/4G modem.

One of the priority needs of the DEDALOS legacy system is to provide continuity of service in areas of the World where ground based telecommunications are missing or unstable during the period after dangerous events. In this frame DEDALOS SAT provide a satellite data transmission interface as backup for standard ground-based network. Another objective of DEDALOS SAT has been to integrate GALILEO data (multi-constellation approach) in order to improve reliability of service when visual impairment due to mountains or buildings may degrade the precision of GPS alone.

ASSURE aims to augment the DEDALOS SAT architecture implementing the cryptographic signature of the raw data and the blockchain ledger of datablocks.

Space Added Value


ASSURE uses GNSS (satellite navigation) as the main sensor for displacement monitoring. The carrier phase of GPS and Galileo signals is tracked and the double differences between the reference station measurements and sensors measurements are computed. ASSURE solution is a very low cost GNSS single frequency system with similar performance to higher cost dual frequency systems. The achieved accuracy strongly depends on environment and processing timeframe; typically, we obtain submillimetric accuracy in displacement monitoring, processing a batch of 24 hours of data and few millimetres for a batch of 1 hour of data.

ASSURE uses satellite communication as main or backup transmission mean. One of the priority needs of the system is to provide continuity of service in areas of the World where ground based telecommunications are missing or unstable during the period after dangerous events (i.e. earthquakes, landslides, etc.). Moreover, ASSURE can be also used where the terrestrial communications are not present. Some strategically important infrastructures, such as gas pipelines, are installed in deserts where there is not the coverage of GSM network. In addition, many remote sites of the Earth, where terrestrial communications are absent, are subject to severe hydrogeological risks.

Current Status

The project started on 18th June 2019 and ended on 13th December 2019.


ASSURE project has achieved several outcomes. Service Requirements were defined trough the analysis of user and customer scenarios, associated needs and constraints. Service requirements per user/customer category have been identified as well as success criteria and selling points. Service and system architecture definition has also been completed, defining building block characterization as well as interfaces and input/output data. A specific task has addressed the assessment of compliance against service requirements and technical risks identification. A Business model and Business plan embedding Dedalos Sat into MetaFyre–Futuryng Ecosystem has been outlined as well as the related financial sustainability assessment, based on business case elaboration. Finally an additional demo task was performed. ASSURE prototype implements raw data signature/verification with the demonstration allowing the end-user to have real-time visibility of all data produced by the sensor nodes and by the Blockchain transactions processed by the Assure Server.


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Status Date

Updated: 20 December 2019