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The objectives of ARtist are to provide user-generated and location-based interactive 3D content in AR utilizing smart devices. Utilizing AR and Space Technologies, digital 3D objects, sculptures, paintings, etc. can be drawn in AR-Space, positioned and consumed in real-space at the spot of its creation by using accurate GNSS capabilities.

Even though the AR technology is evolving quickly, there is huge lack of AR content. Besides Pokémon GO nothing comes second.

Besides the complexity to enable users to generate their own content as well as to interact with it in AR, managing the placing of 3D objects in AR globally and real-time synchronization has to be mastered. On top of Location-Based Augmented Reality (L-B AR), we address real-time multi-player synchronized L-B AR with low latencies.

A huge benefit of real-time synchronized multi-player L-B AR would be increasing the “attention span” of users for branding and product launches; by utilizing e.g. the Poly-Draw for advertising in AR and engaging highly targeted audiences to physically interact with AR objects of desire, the users will be attracted much more to the products, since they would spend much more time engaging with them by connecting the dots.

Users and their needs

With AR.fx we solve the problem of a lack of AR content. Users can generate their own 3D objects and scenes in AR. One of our business innovations is to increase the attention span of the audience for branding, product placements and advertisement in AR at POIs (Points of Interest). For B2B we provide a platform for product placement and advertisement in AR at POIs that can increase users’ attention span, when they interact with such objects.

Our primary B2C customers are the owners of AR capable smartphones, who desire to utilize AR. The target user base globally will be of ca 2 billion by 2020, who will own AR smart phones. The AR market we target is expected to grow rapidly (valued at $1.14 bn and is expected to grow by a CAGR of 40, 29% to $60.55 bn in 2023). Gaming (67%) is still dominating, but educational apps, retail and tourism are on the rise.

Service/ system concept

The core functionalities of AR.fx are:

Search & Find

One of the core gamification elements of AR.fx is search & find. Users can find 3D objects and blueprints in AR all over the world, organized in so called Sub-Spaces (e.g. gaming, nature, culture & heritage, tourism, entertainment, celebrities, etc.), obtain, interact and collect.

Blueprints (Poly-Draw)

We convert 3D objects into line-dot models, so called blueprints, which users can place in their private AR Space and/or find on Discover Space. By connecting the dots along the lines, users can create awesome 3D objects, individually or collaboratively.

AR Scene Editor

With the in-built AR Scene Editor, users can create unique AR worlds using objects from the gallery. Even when the same objects would be used to create an AR Scene, placing the same at different real-world locations provides a unique and seamless user experience.

Social Network

State of the art Social Networking functionalities have been integrated in to AR.fx, such as feeds, sharing screenshots, liking, following, inviting, etc. along with collaborative creation (blueprint events).

Space Added Value

An elementary part of the application AR.fx is based on utilizing accurate GNSS as the satellite based positioning of the created 3D-content is the key element of ARtist’s product and services. Besides utilizing local references especially to fix directions of the objects created (for example in-door positioning), accurate localization in free-space is core requirement in order to realize the global network.

Besides geo-positioning, the real-time multi-player synchronization is strongly based on GNSS and Communication network technologies. On top of Location-Based Augmented Reality (L-B AR), we manage real-time multi-player synchronized L-B AR with low latencies.

Space added values:

  • Highly accurate geo-positioning of the line-dot models at POIs in AR
  • Highly accurate location determination of multi-players
  • Real-time and location based synchronization of completion (connected line-dots) in AR for multi-players
  • User live-view tracking of AR poly-draw events at POIs

Current Status

Current status 

  • Secured EUR 50k grant from ESA/Baden Württemberg
  • ESA Kick-Start grant of EUR 60k awarded
  • Closed Alpha released on Android (< 100 test users) & product validation is ongoing
  • Social Media  activities triggered:, Instagram Stories, Facebook, Twitter
  • Open Alpha release planned for DACH region in Oct./Nov. 2019 along with 36+ million object placements
  • Exhibiting and showcasing at Web Summit 2019 in Lisbon (04.11. – 07.11.2019)

What we are looking for

  • EUR 500 k investment (for product development, marketing, content)
  • Pilot B2B partners

Prime Contractor

Status Date

Updated: 07 November 2019 - Created: 07 November 2019