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Based on a current platform called ASIGN, listed as one of United Nations Information Management tools for disasters, and in use by Oslo Police for security, B-SURE will develop user-driven functional capabilities and technical solutions for providing commercial services for target markets. The B-SURE project is supported by the UN, who will be acting as a developing partner, reference user and possible future client.

The main objective of B-SURE is to reduce disaster management response time, cost and risk.

The main B-SURE service is rapid collection and bandwidth efficient secure communication of operationally relevant field information. The baseline field platform is a smartphone, while information managers access data and interact with the field users via Web browsers online on secure servers. The field users cover professionals, civil population and small UAV operators.

The B-SURE service forms a unique basis for a rapidly updated visual situational awareness service with photos and video and associated data sources. The project includes flexible service and delivery models, supporting both partner and direct sales.

Users and their needs

Targeted users are disaster managers in the UN domain and civil protection, as well as UAV operators, satcom users and security related users. Specific users involved in the project are UN (UNOSAT) and ASEAN (AHA Centre).

Their needs include:

Observe Decide Act
Engagement Analysis Data Sharing
Data collection Fusion / integration Feedback
Communication Visualization  

The project targets worldwide users.

Service/ system concept

A high-level diagram of the system / service showing the key attributes and key building blocks and the main interfaces is provided below.

Figure 1: Graphical overview of the B-SURE architecture, showing field user domains, Central domains with satellite EO and action / sharing parts. All field domains support and rely on GNSS

Figure 2: Simple concept of the edge domain (field), network domain and Cloud Domains


Figure 2 shows a network diagram indicating where the different users and software modules are used and networks used to communicate between them.

An operational view of B-SURE is given in Figure 3 showing operational functions split into three phases: Observe (field user engagement, data collection and communication), Decide (analysis, fusion / integration, visualization) and Act (data sharing and feedback).

Figure 3: Basic Block Diagram of the operational functions of B-SURE.

Space Added Value

The following space asset(s) are used in the pilot-demonstration:

• GNSS – Satellite Navigation

• Satellite Earth Observations & Copernicus data

• Mobile / portable Satellite Communication (BGAN) .

GNSS is essential due to the need for accurate positioning, and reliable location data. Geo-intelligence and geo-spatial images and observation are essential for knowing where things happen and for fusion with Satellite EO. Galileo will specifically be useful for altitude control of UAVs, due to better vertical precision.

Satellite EO is a basis for the UNOSAT work on rapid mapping, used broadly for crisis and disaster management for space based situational awareness. The Copernicus satellites, and in particular Sentinel-1 and Sentinel-2 are used, in combination with other commercial services such as Digital Globe and Planet.

Satellite communication is required for disaster management when other networks are down, when out of coverage, or when security demands to not use local networks that can be intercepted.

Current Status

The project has been developed from Feasibility Study to Demonstration Level, and completed Baseline Design based on user needs for system requirements, and detailed the system and service architecture.

Ongoing discussions with the AHA Centre in Jakarta for preparations of the pilot demonstrations.

Project Managers

Contractor Project Manager

Harald Skinnemoen
AnsuR Technologies AS
Martin Linges vei 25
1364 Fornebu
+47 92846625

ESA Project Manager

Amar Vora
Fermi Avenue, Harwell Science & Innovation Campus
OX11 0FD
United Kingdom
+44 (0) 1235 444 395

Status Date

Updated: 16 September 2019 - Created: 16 September 2019