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Objectives of the service

DDK Positioning Ltd. (DDK) provides global satellite delivered GNSS Precise Point Positioning (PPP) services with hardware and software. The DDK services will increase the accuracy of your GNSS position from 10m to less than 5cm anywhere in the world from pole-to-pole. DDK deliver their services to the customer using the Iridium satellite communications network, a constellation of 66 military grade Low Earth Orbit (LEO) communication satellites. DDK provide accurate, robust, and reliable precise and accurate positioning services to customers working the Offshore Survey and Construction, Maritime and Agriculture sectors. DDK’s key technical differentiator within this marketplace is that we deliver our PPP services over the Iridium LEO satellite communication network, enabling DDK to;

  • DDK deliver a truly global PPP service from pole-to-pole – DDK’s service can be received at high latitudes, the signal does not get weaker if the user operates in regions outside 60°N/60°S;

  • Our PPP augmentation signal is less likely to suffer from masking as the LEO satellites are constantly moving, we can always see 2-4 Iridium satellites anywhere in the world;

  • The DDK PPP augmentation signal is consistent and more powerful than our competitors with a reduced latency due to our Iridium LEO communications satellites being 780km above the earth, not 35000km as with our competitors;

  • DDK uses the Iridium communications network DDK is able to leverage advantage of 2-way communications with the customers in the field;

  • •    Our data stream has 99% less data than our competitors.

Users and their needs

DDK’s target customers in the Offshore Survey and Construction, Maritime and Agriculture sectors and operate globally with bases in such diverse places as Brazil, Norway, Russia, Singapore, UK and USA.


Service/ system concept

DDK provide PPP GNSS augmentation to the end user hardware via Iridium satellite communications. The user equipment consists of;

  • DDK X1 GNSS Receiver – to compute/output an accurate (<5cm) corrected GNSS position to the end user; 

  • GNSS Antenna – to receive GNSS signals;

  • Iridium Edge Antenna – to receive the DDK PPP GNSS augmentation service;

  • LTE Antenna – for remote technical support, firmware upgrades and data analysis;

  • Peripherals and Cables.


Space Added Value


Current Status

DDK have engaged with 8 pilot users and completed several online workshops to evaluate and discuss user needs, as well as collecting user needs from our pilot users via questionnaires. DDK have compiled the user needs and produced a Requirements Document (RD) to complete Baseline Design Review (BDR) meeting. Work is progressing towards the Critical Design Review (CDR) in May 2022.

DDK continue to update the company website and social media channels. In addition, DDK presented a paper at the Oceanology conference in March 2022. DDK have also had a paper accepted for publication in the Royal Institute of Navigation Journal.

Our new project brochure can be seen here;



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Status Date

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