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  • ACTIVITYDemonstration Project
  • STATUSCompleted
  • THEMATIC AREAInfrastructure & Smart Cities, Transport & Logistics, Energy, Food & Agriculture, Environment, Wildlife and Natural Resources, Maritime and Aquatic

Objectives of the service

Image credit: DDK Positioning Ltd.

DDK Positioning Ltd. (DDK) provides global satellite delivered GNSS Precise Point Positioning (PPP) services with hardware and software. The DDK services will increases the accuracy of your GNSS position from 10m to less than 5cm anywhere in the world from pole-to-pole. DDK deliver their services to customers using the Iridium satellite communications network, a constellation of 66 military grade Low Earth Orbit (LEO) communication satellites. DDK provide robust, reliable precise and accurate positioning services to customers working in the Offshore Energy, Maritime, Agriculture and Defence sectors. DDK’s key technical differentiator within this marketplace is that we deliver our PPP services over the Iridium LEO satellite communication network, enabling DDK to;

  • DDK deliver a truly global PPP service from pole-to-pole – DDK’s service can be received at high latitudes, the signal does not get weaker if the user operates in regions outside 60°N/60°S;

  • Our PPP augmentation signal is less likely to suffer from masking as the LEO satellites are constantly moving, we can always see 2-4 Iridium satellites anywhere in the world;

  • The DDK PPP augmentation signal is consistent and more powerful than our competitors with a reduced latency due to our Iridium LEO communications satellites being 780km above the earth, not 35000km as with our competitors;

  • DDK uses the Iridium communications network DDK is able to leverage advantage of 2-way communications with the customers in the field;

  • Our data stream has 99% less data than our competitors.  

Users and their needs

DDK’s target customers in the Offshore Energy, Maritime, Agriculture and Defence sectors and operate globally with bases in such diverse places as Brazil, Norway, Russia, Singapore, UK and USA.

User Need DDK Solution
Cost Effective Services DDK offer 2x levels of service, MAX (<5cm @ 1σ) and CORE (<10cm @ 1σ).
High Latitude Coverage DDK uses Iridium satellite comms and is the only truly global satellite comms network that includes coverage of the polar regions
Continuation of Service DDK PPP algorithm can hold accuracy for 10 minutes
Fast Converge Global convergence is <30 minutes 
No signal loss due to masking, weak signals (at higher latitudes) and swamping due to intense radio activity DDK can significantly reduce risk of augmentation signal loss from masking and weak signals (at higher latitudes)
Navigation/Positioning in the arctic circle DDK is the only truly global coverage incl. polar regions
Low cost GNSS positioning service that is stable, precise, and accurate to <1m DDK CORE is accurate to <10cm @ 1σ (DDK CORE)
Single Supplier DDK offers the customer a single factory fit solution for its global market
The cost of 3rd party RTK services provided to the customer from existing suppliers is very high  DDK can offer significant savings in the provision of its DDK MAX service, which is comparable to RTK
Manufacturers do not 11have their own bespoke PPP service DDK offers a truly independent service 


Service/ system concept

DDK provide PPP GNSS augmentation to the end user hardware via Iridium satellite communications. The user equipment consists of;

  • DDK X1 GNSS Receiver – to compute/output an accurate (<5cm) corrected GNSS position to the end user; 

  • GNSS Antenna – to receive GNSS signals;

  • Iridium Edge Antenna – to receive the DDK PPP GNSS augmentation service;

  • LTE Antenna – for remote technical support, firmware upgrades and data analysis;

  • Peripherals and Cables.

Space Added Value

Services provided through Inmarsat Services provided through IRIDIUM delivering global reach
High Band width Data delivered in packets allowing a much lower bit rate 99%< data but providing similar level of accuracy
Receive only Allows 2-way communication enabling machine control / Feedback
Requires continual connectivity Algorithm to cover loss of signal for up to 10 minutes (Plan for 1 Hour)
No independent alternative Provides an independent alternative to Inmarsat customers (for back-up)
Difficult to customise Allows for customisation
Costly subscription model Competitive pricing


Current Status

DDK have sucessfully completed the ESA BA project with help of 8 pilot users working worldwide in 4 market sectors.
We see that there have been two major successes for DDK during the ESA BA project. DDK have signed a 10 years plus contract with Oceaneering International Inc. (C-Nav Brand) to provide hardware and services exclusively to C-Nav offshore energy and marine customers worldwide. In addition, Topcon Corporation have made a strategic investment in DDK in order that the two companies may work closely together on new hardware solutions and GNSS positioning solutions together.  

The link to the DDK PPP augmentation service animation listed below, which was created as part of the ESA BA project product marketing information can be seen below by following the YouTube link;

An animation was created by the DDK customer, Oceaneering, marketing team to explaining the DDK provided C-Nav LEO key differentiators, to view the animation on YouTube, please follow the link below, the animation can also be seen by following the link shown at the bottom of the page;

Datasheets for the current suite of DDK products and services can be downloaded, and products purchased by following the links to websites listed below;


Prime Contractor(s)

Status Date

Updated: 19 June 2024